Towel Viper

Towel Viper, hang Microfiber from your belt Written by Michael Draper

Bartenders using the towel viper.

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation! This edition of Tools of Trade takes a look at Towel Viper.

Have you seen people walking around at trade shows with a colored towel hanging by their side maybe resembling the “Cowboy Gang” in the movie Tombstone? Well that’s because they have been “Viped”. Doug Apt of J Racenstein says that they have had a ton of fun this year highlighting this product at trade shows. This simple but effective tool allows a user to easily carry a towel on your side.

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When it’s needed it slides right out and when you want the Viper to hold it you pinch and place in the crevice. Doug states that not just window cleaners have been “Viped” but bar tenders, shoe shiners, auto detailers and anyone needing a towel at their side. The tool has been so popular that it has been nominated for the 2018 ISSA Innovation Award that will be held in Dallas Texas. What chance does it have? Doug states “we are up against some very steep competition and against products that have spent thousands of dollars in R&D but it is just an honor to be among that row of products that have the title of innovative”. It does seem odd that this little piece of plastic could win the innovation award but why not? After all a product doesn’t have to be overly complex to fix issues or to serve a purpose and if a small piece of plastic does the trick then so be it.

We will watch very careful at the ISSA and see how the Viper does. But regardless make sure that check out this creative little product and get “Viped”!!!

A practical tool, the towel viper.
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OSHA Update
Industry Update Article
Prior to 1991, the use of rope descent equipment for window cleaning and other work at heights applications in the USA was for the most part, considered illegal. This was due to the fact that the equipment was not addressed by any regulatory or standards body. If not for the efforts of 40 or so professional window cleaners and the early founders of the IWCA, OSHA would not have held a public hearing in September, 1990 to determine the feasibility of using rope access equipment for building maintenance, particularly professional window cleaning.