Chemical Labels

Written by Michael Draper

A very common thing to do in service industry is to buy chemicals in the bulk that being either gallons or even 5 gallons or even larger to save money. The issue is often times we will pour those chemicals into a smaller container and give to employees. While the smaller container isn’t a problem the lack of proper identification of what’s in the smaller container is. An employee must be able to identify what is in each container they are exposed to.

SDS Sheets and Chemical Labels

How does an employer continue to save money while meeting this requirement?

What if there was a way an employer could print the appropriate label right in their own office? I give you www.avery.com/industrial. This website allows a person to search a preloaded database of chemicals, select the appropriate chemical and the label size and print right from your own computer. This solves the above-mentioned violation many get into. Now you will need the SDS sheet for the chemical you are using.

Here’s the really cool part. Its free! That’s right the only thing you are required to do is buy Avery Chemical Labels, which you can buy at any Office Depot or even off Amazon. You had to buy a label anyway so no big deal, right?

Look at this Screen Shot of a popular Hard Water Remover One Restore.

Bulk Chemical Labels

Here is what the label would look like that we could place on a smaller container.

Easy to use SDS Label Creator

Some things come along and it is no brainer stuff. We here at AWC think this is one of those things. Easy to use, free of charge! Absolute no brainer.

Online Tool
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Learning About Chemicals
Most things in and around us every day are acidic. Even we are acidic. Most people’s skin sits at about 5.3 on the pH scale (acidic). The air we breathe out, CO2 is acidic. Most dirt particles are acidic. The most pH balanced thing we deal with every day is water, that sits at about the pH neutral 7. I bet when you were back in school and sitting in a science, chemistry or math class you where thinking "When I am ever going to need to know this?" Well now that you are in a business that uses chemicals you may be regretting not paying more attention.