Written by Luke Stenner AKA Luke the Window Cleaner

I started using the Ettore super channel 9 years ago. I purchased a 36 in and found out quickly as a new window cleaner I didn't have the skill for that long of a channel. I cut the channel into two sizes that being an 18 in channel and a 16 in channel. I used these for years and always assumed that the Ettore 18 in was just the same design. Once I started posting YouTube videos on our channel other window cleaners started commenting and asking how we could use the Ettore super channels specifically the 18 in. I thought it was strange that everybody had complaints with this specific channel so one day I decided to order an 18 in and see if there was a difference. To my surprise the 18 in had a wider profile than the longer lengths. I found that the 18 in at the time would skip and jump on certain panes as where the longer slimmer design wouldn't. So, I made a few videos addressing this issue and how we cut down the longer channels to use as 18 in.

Wayne Shultz the VP of Ettore commented on one of our Ettore Super Channel videos and we began emailing each other with regards to why we liked the longer design rather than the other. He concluded that Ettore designed the original 18 in based off of feedback from an R&D test group years ago, but with recent feedback from us and others that Ettore would change the 18 inch to a uniform design. The new gold Ettore super channels are exactly what we had been using for years and we love it. It goes to show how companies like Ettore really do listen to their customers and are willing to change a product based on our feedback.

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