Soren Samuelsson

Soren Samuelsson is the founder of Sorbo Products. He has developed four products that are unique and are helping to revolutionize the window cleaning industry. A few years ago, if someone had told me that there was going to be a 48" squeegee developed, I would have expected to see it as part of a circus act, not a tool which could actually be used professionally. Likewise, his determination to make it possible to reuse rubber - that is, to shave off strips of rubber, to create a new sharp edge, rather than simply tossing it out, is nothing less than revolutionary.


Jason York

This edition of AWC magazine we sat down with Jason York Co-Owner of EZ Window Cleaning based in Wisconsin. In addition, to being the co-owner he also is the 2017 IWCA (International Window Cleaning Association) President. Only 28 people have ascended the ranks to President of the IWCA and it is arguably the highest achievement a person in our industry can achieve. What makes Jason an interesting person is his incredible drive to make the industry better and that he doesn’t come from a high-rise background.


Scott Ehrenkranz

My grandfather Henry Ehrenkranz, started the business in Houston, in 1947. He found a small window cleaning business that was for sale called University Window Cleaners. At the time he was working for his family window cleaning business, International Services based in Newark, New Jersey.


Jeff Beigel, James Brady

This edition of the A Most Interesting Person focuses on the jobs people were doing before they got into window cleaning. My first story I hooked up with Jeff Beigel in Northbrook Illinois. Before he became one of the top Fish Franchisees in the country he had a successful life doing other things. I also caught up with NYC Fireman James Brady. He has been on the force for 15 plus years and was looking for a second job and he came by it kind of unexpectedly. Enjoy reading their interviews!


Vickie Couture Head

Our search for interesting people this edition takes us to Orlando Florida home to A-1 Orange Exterior Building Services and its owner Vickie Couture Head. Her story spans three generations of window cleaners and this makes her “A Most Interesting Person.” Here is her story.


Mike and Kelly Sanders

Each Issue we highlight someone from the industry that we find most interesting. It could be the way they come into the business, how they run a successful business or something really cool they have done. We hope you enjoy it!

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