I am 59. Based in Haarlem in The Netherlands, that’s near Amsterdam.


When I came out of the Army in 1979  I was a bit wild. A friend offered me a job as a Window Cleaner. I started working with 2 Bad Ass Old School cleaners. In that time the Boab was not even on the Market, we had to bring our bucket up on the ladder. We worked with 50 feet wooden ladders. I had a neck and shoulders like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Later i started my own Company with people working for me. I sold my Company started another Business. When I was bored, I sold  it and bought a little route in my own neighborhood. I worked for years walking with my ladder Old School like I learned. I Like climbing and I love using the Squeegee. It’s an Art doing it well. But it went more buzzy every day. So I decided to buy a Car with a 400 liter tank it was really heavy like I worked. Plus I couldn’t do the high jobs anymore because all the Safety rules.

I work now with the XERO Micro and the Xero Destroyer so I can handle any job. I have around 300 regular clients which I clean every 6 weeks mostly only outside so I come when I want, they don’t have to be home. I also work together with a few friends when we have big jobs. On my age I am not really ambitious anymore. I’m happy as it goes right now, I have a very good relation with my clients and love my job. The freedom I like to clean windows gives a good feeling and people are happy to see me. The feedback is good. Since I work with WFP it’s much easier and I am gonna do this till I cant work anymore.

-Frank Rave