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Simple. We produce the longest-running magazine for the most engaged window cleaners in the industry.

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The readers are the focus of every decision we make. By focusing on pleasing the readers, you, the advertiser, benefits the most.

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Advertising doesn’t need to be expensive. We are transparent with our ad rates and what you receive.

Ad Design

You are in complete charge of your ad designs. We’ll give you all dimensions and ad specifications. Our editor will gladly help with design ideas if needed.

This Is What We Do

The American Window Cleaner Magazine was started in 1986. We know what resonates with readers.

Effective Ads

We’ll offer advice and suggestions on designing print ads and how to connect most with our readers.

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Full Page…….$999

Includes one full page ad in the print and digital magazine, footer links in 2 email newsletters going to over 20,000 emails and a digital banner ad on our website.

Half Page…….$599

Includes a half-page ad in the print and digital magazine and a footer link in 1 email newsletter going to over 20,000 emails.

Quarter Page…….$399

Includes a 1/4 quarter page ad in the print and digital magazine.

2 Page Product Spotlight…….$1,499

This is the ultimate spot for your product! This is a full review and 2 page hi-res color layout! Good or bad, this is an honest review.

Classified Ads….. $199/month   $1299/year

Does your company need to hire?

Reach qualified candidates around the US & Canada, get repeat exposure to readers (12-month publication), and know you get reader confidence – AWC has been publishing since 1986!

*In 2021 AWC went MONTHLY! 

We also increased the page count. That is 288 MORE pages every year! Hundreds of thousands of copies of American Window Cleaner Magazine have been printed and passed around. It’s so popular some have collected EVERY issue. It pays to be an advertiser. Help support the industry we all love!

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We are the independent voice for the professional window cleaner. The American Window Cleaner Magazine was started in 1986 and has been creating awesome content ever since!

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