Hi there, I’m George, 

I am a window cleaner based in London and surrounding areas such as Sussex and also Surrey.

My days of window cleaning were early in my childhood as it was what my father had taken as a profession. As the years have passed, his squeegee was then passed onto me, and it’s been my bread and butter ever since.

We take on all forms of work, such as gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and other typical jobs that surround window cleaning. 

I have favored traditional window cleaning with ladders over water-fed poles, but each has its uses and personal preference.

Work carried out with windows is mainly done by our water-fed poles or ladder work and has rope access, and IPAF required reach vehicles.

Window cleanings have always been a great laugh for myself and my dad. We have never had an awful day out, mainly as we have never seen it as a hard days graft. Those who consider it hard may not be cleaning correctly. 

I was hoping you could have a great one over stateside, and thanks for having me.

George @ Addis & Son Window Cleaning