Hey everyone!  We’re back for another round of “Ask Squeegee” where I take your questions and use my industry knowledge, unlimited brainpower, and life experience to answer all your tough questions.  Whether they are industry-related, relationship advice, science, quantum mechanics, or anything your heart desires.  I will do my utmost to provide you, the reader, the best answers possible! So let’s get after it, shall we?


Jesse Lombardo in the Pro Window Cleaning Facebook group asks: “How many of you guys actually have and love a screen cleaner? I can’t tell if it’s all a marketing push or the things are actually legit.”


Credit: Josh Dymacek

Well Jesse

Any product that’s sold is going to have a “marketing push”. I mean, how else would one sell something? Screen washers can be a beneficial tool to not only save your back while cleaning screens but also as a conversation starter with potential neighbor customers. Picture this…You’re cleaning screens. Hot and sweating, really getting into your work, and the old lady next door walks outside to take her poodle for a pooh in someone else’s yard.  There you are glistening, a screen cleaning Adonis, using your Xero screen cleaner blasting through screens. She’s going to want to know what the infernal contraption is, and you’ll have a chance to sell another job! In all seriousness, I own an Aztec Screen washer, and it really is an excellent investment and is a time saver. They do a great job cleaning screens, and I get questions about mine all the time. I also replaced the stickers with my company name and number, so you can also use them to advertise while using it. They are very durable and made well you’ll have it your entire career, which is a bonus. I hope that helps Jesse, and keep cleaning your screen washing Adonis!


Round 2…..Fight!


Jacob Adam in Pro window cleaning 2.1 asks: “I’ve been in the business four years now, and it’s a part-time gig. I mainly do residential, and I’m looking to expand and become more efficient. I was contemplating investing in a water-fed pole system. I like the idea of potentially saving time and being safer with less time on the ladder.”


Well hello Jacob

Congratulations on four years in the business. As far as your question, I will drop some nuggets on you. First, a water-fed pole isn’t all that much easier than cleaning windows traditionally. There’s a lot of setup involved. Hoses, water testing, scrubbing, rinsing, and wrangling hoses caught on every possible object ever created on the face of the earth.  Even things that shouldn’t ever hang up a hose while a full-grown adult male yanks on it with all his might, and it won’t budge only to find that you’re hung up on a dandelion! Sorry…flashbacks. Water-fed poles can save time and make you more efficient if you already know how to clean a window properly. It can also be much safer than using a ladder; however, after years of using a water-fed pole and traditionally cleaning windows like the cavemen used to, sometimes it’s a little slower and, in situations, be a little riskier. Always be on the lookout for power lines while using a water-fed pole. This can turn into a hazardous situation. Setting everything up and getting things going can be time-consuming, let alone situations where you’re scrubbing more because the windows are filthy, where the traditional means would be a lot faster. If you want to make the investment, I would start off as cheaply as possible and spend my money on a pole and brush and then skimp a little on the pure water delivery system. You can source DI tanks at a fraction of a pure water system and get your feet wet (pun intended) and see if it’s the right fit for you and your business. If it isn’t, then you’ve got a pole that you can still use for trad work and high reach dusting. If it works great for your business, then you can move up to a cart or skid system, whichever fits you the best, and you’re off to the races! I hope this helps you out, and good luck.  Keep us posted.


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