Kenny Young Asks, “Thinking about adding pressure washing to my services. How do you guys charge for this service?”


Great question Kenny I don’t think anyone has ever asked that question before….This is one of my pet peeves. Asking how to charge for a service you don’t currently provide leads me to believe that you’re not experienced in the service in question. It is very difficult to tell someone from a different region what they should charge for a particular service which is most likely why your question has gone unanswered until now. First make sure you’re covering the costs for chemicals and gasoline as well as cover the labor costs for pressure washing. If you aren’t very familiar with this service the latter could add up as you will most likely make a mistake or take twice as long as someone with experience would take not to mention all the variables that come with pressure cleaning for example if you’re doing flat work does your state require you to reclaim your water? Are you familiar with the chemicals needed to say remove mold/algae? Or grease? Are you aware that mixing some chemicals the wrong way could make a bomb ? Or noxious gas? My suggestion would be first make sure you’re completely studied up on the process and secondly as far as pricing study your market and charge accordingly because trust me you don’t wanna be “That Guy”. Hope that helps.


Brad Mingo asks, “Long time Creeper here Going to start hustling on the weekends and I am looking for the least expensive starter kit preferably under 100.00.”


Great question creep. I would suggest buying equipment that suits what you’re looking to get into. Are you wanting to start out doing commercial work say storefronts? {which by the way I think is your best bet if you’re just starting out} If that’s the case get yourself a nice wide body channel and handle combo 16-18” and a washer same size. There are so many great brands out there it would be hard for me to suggest just one. You’ll need some towels because you’re definitely going to screw up leave streaks and holidays until you get your technique down also wiping the sills and ledges is paramount to doing a great job and don’t forget those edges! You’ll need a bucket but you can grab a 5 gallon bucket in the back yard or at the hardware store. Some soap any dish soap will work. As long as it doesn’t have lotion in it…. You can either grab a short pole or step ladder which ever your budget allows or may have laying around? Some 0000 Steel or Bronze wool for those tough spots. Some insurance. Some business cards and your on your way to the wonderful world of self employment where there’s never really a day off. Taxes are always around the corner. And you’re always tired. But being your own boss and making you own way is one of the most fulfilling things you will ever do for a career. I wish you luck and I’m always here if you have any questions.

Remember gang if you have any questions about life, relationships , science and I guess window cleaning you can email me directly at [email protected] and I will answer them here in the greatest magazine ever written AWC! Until next time Peace and chicken grease


-T Squeegee