Micheal Hernandez asks: “Man, for the first time I had a customer ask me if I had seen something that had come up missing from their home how should I respond?”


Well Micheal I’d respond quickly and honestly. Although I’ve never been asked this question by one of my customers, I have had experiences where someone working for me had used the bathroom and didn’t flush, leaving something smelly in the toilet of their vacation home…It can be a catch 22. The best thing to do is be open and helpful especially if you didn’t take it haha. If you have employees that are in the home ask them about it and just be as cooperative as possible. Most likely they’ve misplaced it and of course, jump to conclusions so best to keep a cool head and hopefully, the item gets found. We are in a unique position going into people’s homes. I try to be on my A-game when inside someone’s home and be mindfully moving throughout while doing my task to make sure anything moved or touched goes back exactly where I found it. Hope this works out for you and good luck!


Lauren New asks: “What do you do if a customer doesn’t pay? $411.00 project on Monday and a week later still nothing from a customer. She’s moving and said she would pay over the phone but won’t return any call or messages”


Well, Lauren after cleaning windows for 17 years I’ve had this happen to me on several occasions enough times to where I no longer allow it to happen anymore. Residential window cleaning payments for me are due on completion, a fact I make quite clear when booking the job and also when I estimate it. I always mention it twice before doing the job. Of course, someone can’t always be there to pay but you have to stay vigilant when it comes to residential work. Commercial properties also can leave you hanging on a check but more often than not you’re going to have to wait 30-90 days in some cases to get paid on commercial accounts and it’s a much easier tree to bark up when they drag their feet on payments. Residential customers can be quite elusive with what they choose to be. Over the years I’ve developed a kind of “sixth sense” when these types of bottom dwellers call for my services. My advice is to go to the home yourself with the bill and try and collect if they aren’t there leave the bill taped to the door. If you aren’t paid within that week try again. I’ve had to go as far as to print an invoice on red paper with the words “Past Due” boldly on the back so when folded it shows all the neighbors they don’t pay their bills. Usually, that works at least in my experience. And if all else fails be annoying. Unfortunately, this is even a topic in regards to a job well done but people will take advantage if they see an opportunity. Hope that helps and good luck.

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-T Squeegee