Eddie Gutierrez asks: “I live in Texas and this is our first winter providing window cleaning to our services. With that being said, when cleaning windows in colder weather is there anything you may face?”


Well Eddie, in the harsh frozen tundra of Texas, you may need survival skills taught by frost giants. Haha, on a serious note, this is a very good question. In cold weather you may want to buy gloves, something comfortable and flexible enough to still be able to function at your best. I like to use those cheap, stretchy Walmart gloves, then wear latex gloves over top. That combination has worked well for me, very well. As far as your window cleaning solution, you can go several routes, one being window cleaning fluid for cars. This is the option I go with; I mix 50/50 water to fluid. Some people prefer to buy methanol, which can be bought in bulk, but I’ve found that if you don’t use it all quickly, it goes bad. I tend to stick with window washing fluid because I can always use it in my vehicles if it’s not used for cleaning glass. It can be expensive, but just look for the cheaper brands and buy it out of season for the best prices. The key is not to use too much soap. Once you add too much soap, the solution will freeze super quickly. Hope that helps and DON’T FORGET YOUR MITTENS!


This next question I see and get asked a lot! So not just one person I’m trying to answer here.

“How much do I charge for this window cleaning job?”


While there is a chance you may run into someone that can give you a really good idea of what to charge, for the most part, every market is different and it becomes difficult to try and help someone with this question. You could always check pricing in your area and surrounding areas, but my personal belief is that you should charge what you feel is right for you. Some people will take longer or shorter to do the same types of jobs, so their prices will vary; some people have better or more expensive equipment than others. These are all factors to take into consideration when asking this question. My best advice is, charge what you feel will best cover you and your expenses based on the job and the desired outcome so not only do you feel good about the payment you are getting for said job, but the customer gets the value and results they are looking for. The happier the customer, the more return trips and referrals you will receive; word of mouth is invaluable in our industry. A trusted service provider is a great peace of mind. Charge what you are worth!

As always, any questions you would like me to answer send in an email to [email protected]. Thanks again, and squeegee on!

-T Squeegee