I feel like ‘gear prep’ is a topic we tend to talk about year round, especially in the calm before the storm. Preparing for the busy spring season, now is the time to get your gear prep in order. I can’t think of anything worse than landing that BIG JOB you didn’t see coming, and not having the equipment to get it done. 

When we talk about gear prep, that doesn’t have to mean spending $5,000 on a water fed tank and a 60 foot pole. Maybe its time to put in an order for some towels. Or maybe its time to get some A frame or stack ladders in. Upgrade your 16 foot extension ladder to a 26. Speed up your work with some trad poles. Seriously have you seen the options on carbon fiber trad poles!


Got a construction clean coming up?

You’re going to need some fresh blades and some steel wool, maybe it’s time to put that money you have saved from the year and put it into the safest and most effective way to clean windows, a water fed RO/DI!

Gear prep can come down to small ticket items like towels, ladders and squeegees. Or it could be a water fed pole and an RO/DI. There are so many combinations of water fed packages for every budget. But I promise you, for everyday you’re not working because you don’t have the equipment to get the job done, you’re losing money. We all know how much we charge per hour, when you pull up to a bid and think to yourself, Man I don’t think I have the equipment to get this  job done…it can make you sick thinking of all the money left on the table. Now is the time to sit down and check that inventory, check the jobs you have coming up and put in that order for some new gear. If you ever are confused on what tools you need to get the job done you can always contact Window Cleaning Resource. WCR is a great resource for finding the right tools for the job, they can answer any questions you may have in regards to what you need to get the job done. WCR has experienced sales reps who have your best interest in mind, that  have been in your shoes, and have lots of technical support.


For everyday you’re not working, because you don’t have the equipment to get the job done, you’re losing money!


Getting your equipment in check is a great way to make sure your business is running smoothly. If you have any experience in the field, i don’t have to tell you that equipment breaks and things go wrong. It is always important to keep your inventory on a recurring loop. Sometimes when you get caught up in running every other aspect of your business, you put equipment on the back burner. Without it you don’t have a functional business. If you don’t have at least one back up item for every single tool in your arsenal, you’re in trouble. Let’s face it things happen, that small clamp on your water fed pole could break, that quick connect could go out, that ladder could fly off your truck going down the highway(speaking from experience here). Life can throw you a curveball at any moment and it helps so much to be over prepared for whatever this life could throw your way.

You may spend a little extra money for gear you don’t need at the moment, but you want to make sure you are prepared.


What if something goes wrong?


Can i get the job done with the equipment that I have? Get the job squared away, get paid, and keep your business moving along. Maybe you have plenty of extra tools in the shop, but the gear you need to focus on at the moment is revamped company shirts, hoodies, hats, ETC. Might be time to finally put a wrap on those company trucks, whatever gear your looking forward to getting, now is the time. Before that spring rush hits and you have no extra time for anything but running your company at full throttle.


Make Sure You Are Prepared!


-By Austin Grubbs