Insurance can sometimes be tricky to understand. As a window cleaner, you may think that you don’t face many risks while on the job. However, like all cleaning professionals, window cleaners face risks each time they are working. No matter how well-trained someone is, there is still the chance that an accident could occur. 

At Insurance Canopy, we insure several classes of cleaning professionals—window cleaners being one of them. We want you to succeed! So today we’ll share with you whether or not monthly insurance is worth the cost, and how you can know that you have the proper insurance policy in place. Knowing about insurance can help you manage your risk as a business owner and protect your business that you have worked so hard for. 


How Much Does Window Cleaning Insurance Cost?

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Window cleaning insurance can cost anywhere from $17 a month to $150 per year. Because there are several different types of coverages, it’s important to do your research and see which policy is the best option for your company. The cheapest option may not be the best option. You’ll want to pay attention to the limits and inclusions of each policy. 

For example, you’ll want to make sure that you have tools and equipment coverage (also known as inland marine) if you want your equipment covered. At Insurance Canopy, we offer window cleaning insurance for $27 per month, which also offers the tools and equipment coverage for an additional $3.33—a small price to pay to protect your equipment that is worth hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Keep in mind that there are several factors that could affect the cost of your insurance policy. Some of these factors are the state in which you operate your window cleaning business, how many full-time employees you have, the number of years of experience in the window cleaning industry, your claims history, and a few other factors about your business operations. 


What’s Included in an Insurance Policy?


In a typical window cleaning insurance policy, you can expect to have general liability coverage. General liability insurance provides protection against third party claims of bodily injury, property damage, or personal and advertising injury. The most common general liability claim is premises related. For example, if a client trips on your equipment and gets injured, a general liability policy may cover your defense costs and payments to the injured party. 

You’ll also want to pay attention to the limits that are included in a policy. This means you’ll want to make sure that the aggregate limits fit your company’s needs. For example, Insurance Canopy has a $300,000 aggregate limit (the amount allowed per year), with a $100,000 limit for each occurrence (the capped amount for each claim filed), with options for higher rates, like a $1,000,000 aggregate limit and a $500,000 occurrence limit. 


Let’s Break it Down


Now that we’ve covered the average cost of an insurance policy and what’s included, let’s talk about if it’s really worth it to you—the business owner—to pay for insurance each month or year. If you’re paying $27 per month for your insurance policy, that’s $324 per year. We’ll share a couple of examples to compare costs. 

If your window cleaning equipment is stolen or damaged, you would have to pay to replace your cleaning products, ladders, and other cleaning equipment. This cost alone would cost more than the amount that you would be paying yearly for insurance. Let’s say while your employee is cleaning a client’s window, they accidentally break the window. The cost to replace the window would be more than you’d be paying for insurance for the entire year. If a customer trips on your cleaning equipment and sustains an injury, you can be held liable for any medical expenses. In this case, without insurance, you would be paying for any repairs and bills out of your own pocket. 


Get Insured Today


We hope this article was useful in helping you understand whether or not it’s worth it to pay for window cleaning insurance. The benefits of having insurance greatly outweigh the monthly or yearly cost of having a window cleaning policy. If you’re looking for the right policy for you or would like to learn more about window cleaning insurance, check out Feel free to call our licensed insurance agents with any questions you may have at 844.520.6993.


About Insurance Canopy

Insurance Canopy provides small businesses with general and professional liability insurance at a monthly or annual rate. Our policies are designed to protect small business owners, including window cleaning businesses, in the case of a lawsuit arising out of their business operations. Window cleaners without cleaning business insurance may face lawsuits that could cost them their business and their livelihood. With a policy from Insurance Canopy, you get affordable coverage you need from A-rated carriers.


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