Learning to sell is One of the most important things that you can do for yourself. Everything you do is Sales. When you convince someone that you are the best company to go with, or you’re up selling them a house wash with some window cleaning. Being good, or even halfway decent and Sales is going to be amazing for your business. Most people are scared of sales because it has a negative stigma around it. But sales is just explaining to someone what the best option is. 

Here are some tips to get better at the sales game.


1. Read /audio books


This is big, because there are so many sales books out there.  I mean there are people out there that whole job IS sales, and those guys make a ton of money.  There are a ton of good ones out there but the Grant cardone style books are my favorite.  They tell you more or less the MINDSET of sales.  Learning the rebuttals, or what people are telling you with out words is a HUGE help.  ALSO Zig Ziglar is a great read, BUT he is better with audio books.  He has a great tone and speed to him.


2. Facebook groups


I know, i know, you are Already in a ton of Facebook groups. But sales groups are different. Do not just talking about one thing, but more or less their experiences. There’s a ton of things you can learn from what they talk about. Lessons, stories, experiences it all helps you understand the psyche of sales. These guys and gals are a little rough around the edges, but REALLY worth a join.


3. Podcast’s


If you still work in the field, you have nothing but time to listen. If you have even one earbud in while you work podcast can be a great way to spend the day. There’s so much podcast content out there it can help you get lost in the world of sales. Listening to people talk about the day to day gets you more use to the idea of “selling” Sales Gravy, The Salesman podcast, and the ziglar show are just a few that are awesome.

Remember that selling isn’t a bad word.  We want people to choose us no matter our price.  We want to add money to each invoice with upsells, and add ons.  I want you to be able to blow people away with your first impressions.  Sales is the confidence to do all of that!  So go out there and get to sellin’!


-By The Editor