In this head to head duo, we’re going to take a look at the IPC Techno pad and the Maykker handy sleeve.  Two very grippy and useful tools.

If you’ve ever spent a day doing some heavy duty scrubbing, you know what the feeling is.  Your fingertips burn, and your joints ache.  Your hands are almost worn down to the bone.  Well in come the tools made to help.  

In the pad holder’s category, there are some rock solid contenders…Unger has the stingray and speed clean, but those use Euro threads and proprietary poles.  Other types are a cheaper swivel style doodle bug.  But as of late there are 2 that really stand out.  The Maykker Handy sleeve, and the IPC Techno pad.  

First off for the IPC Techno pad.  This thing is sexy.  I mean it fits your hand like it was made especially for you.  And the plastics they use are top quality.  And the angle that the handle sits at is really well thought out.  Ergonomics of this techno pad is top notch.  If I am pairing it with anything, i’m going to use a bronze pad.  The cling is pretty good, and the swivel feels nice.  But the downside comes in when you try to REALLY scrub.  Just like any attachment that pivots, you lose some of your scrubbing power with that motion.  The “velcro” on it isn’t amazing, but works well.


You will never lose a pad on the glass at all.


With the Maykker Handy sleeve, you have a t bar and velcro sleeve.  With the “why didn’t I think of that” simplicity, the handy sleeve is SUPER robust.  The velcro they use had to be developed from NASA.  The cling is crazy.  The cleeve itself is tight, and if you can, get it all together on a t bar “complete”.  That will save you some headaches trying to force the sleeve on. BUT, that is actually a good thing.  That sleeve doesn’t move an inch.  When you are scrubbing, it doesn’t roll or get stuck to the glass.  The snaps are super well built and the t bar is nice.  The Maykker has the option of a python sleeve and even bronze wool and scrubbers.  


Now for the side by side comparison.


When it comes to scrubbing power the Maykker Handy sleeve wins.  With no swiveling head and smaller contact with the glass, you get a deeper scrub with whatever pad you choose

When it comes to coverage, the IPC techno pad wins, with a flat trowel, that covers more glass evenly.  The Techno pad is better suited for a whole window scrub

With feel, i’ve got to say the IPC Techno pad wins that one.  The grip and position feel just a bit better than the Maykker Handy sleeve’s t bar.

With durability, I would say this is a tie.  The quality on the Maykker side is amazing, just like everything they make.  But I don’t see any flaws in either.

With ease of use I would have to say the Mayker sneaks out ahead.  The smart thing with the design is it is on a t bar, so you can carry it with any BOAB.  With the IPC Techno pad you will have to do a bit more trial and error to see how to carry it with you on jobs.

As far as cling with the pads, neither will lose a pad, BUT the Maykker takes the cake with some of the strongest velcro ive used.( Now this will become a slight issue over time with pad, and fibers getting built up in the velcro making it cling less)


So…Who’s the winner?

Which one should you buy?  I have got to say, I really like them both.  It’s all about what you need to do with them.  If you are scrubbing every inch of glass day after day, go with the IPC Techno pad.  If you are using it for deep scrubbing, and want the more versatile option, go with the Maykker handy sleeve.  These 2 are pretty cheap too coming in at under $75 bucks for both tools together, maybe it’s worth keeping them on your toolbelt!


The Editor

American Window Cleaner Magazine