We specialize in window cleaning, Soft washing, gutter cleaning and hang holiday lights.

Currently we have:

  • 4 window cleaning units
  • 2 SoftWash vans
  • 1 operations manager van 
  • 1 estimate mini van
  • 1 direct sales van 
  • Around 18-20 staff members. 


I was a full time professional firefighter for the City of Davenport Iowa for 14 years and part time helicopter paramedic for a company called Medforce. I started the window cleaning business part time in 2001 as a single operator but it started to grow pretty fast. My wife was a 6 year police detective specializing in crimes against children and was a police officer 15 years. We both quite those jobs to pursue our kennel business ( 3 locations) and grow the window cleaning business. I went to my first Huge convention a few years ago in Atlanta thinking I knew pretty much everything and left with my tail between my legs (but in a good way because I learned a lot) and only missed 1 Huge since because of Covid.


What works for us:


Responsibid- Even though we still do estimates in person (great follow up and presentation. 

Soft Wash Systems- Great soft wash training and support 

The Customer Factor- Every day morning meetings about 15-20 minutes long to create a positive company culture, work on safety topics and ways to improve what we currently do.