My name is Fernando Medina owner of ProWindowz Inc based out of Los Angeles, California serving both Los Angeles & Orange County since 2008. Well my story is pretty interesting I am currently not giving all the details due to working on a video type story to showcase my start of the business to where we are now. But we are a small team 5 individuals that can tackle any size job, we love what we do and are highly professional when it comes to servicing our clients. As a very disciplined and organized individual I take my business very serious, my crew goes through training every year, we invest in top quality equipment that will keep us safe in the field and allow us to be very efficient on the job. Thanks to recent opportunities we scaled up pretty well, that had to do with the disciplined side of me. I could’ve spent that money on vacations or personal new toys for me and the family, but I had the opportunity to make ProWindowz stand out from the rest. We are known for being the top notch of Southern Cal and with a nice price tag, because with us you don’t purchase a service you purchase an experience that will wow you every single time.

-By Fernando Medina