I started window cleaning by accident in Vancouver, BC, back in 2006 while I was in Audio School, as a part-time job. By the time I had my diploma, I had made such a good living working at my window cleaning job that I had decided to stick with it. I eventually moved to Vancouver Island, and I saw an opportunity to freelance and left my employer on excellent terms. In 2013, I came up with a great company name and spent my first couple of years working part-time as a server at night and part-time sole proprietor by day. I used this time to dial in my website and work on a good SEO which anyone can do if they have the time. I never paid for any big ads or marketing. I hit the local home shows until I got too busy to attend them anymore. From that point, things just snowballed, and I had to learn a lot of business while running at the same time. I never said no to a job too big or too small. When high-rise jobs came calling, I went and got the training. When the five-story stratas came calling, I invested in water-fed equipment. We learned how to clean roofs professionally, soft wash siding, and did all of our R&D. 

Now I employ my wife in the Admin, two full-time techs, and two part-time seasonal high-rise rope techs. Finding myself a lifetime career in window cleaning has been the best accident ever to happen to me.

– Christopher Jackson