The window cleaning industry is always known for having tried-and-true equipment. Stuff that has been out for years. Your grandpa used it before your dad used it, and now you’re using it. There is nothing wrong with classic gear. BUT…Our industry is also known for being innovative. Just look at carbon fiber traditional poles and 3d printed attachments

But one of the companies that is always on the edge of innovation is Moerman. Plain and simple they focus on the newest ways to improve on products.  And the Drywalker is just that. How do you take a simple BOAB and make it better? Well with the Drywalker they took a simple concept and added some major improvements.  

To start, the Drywalker has a detachable reservoir. Something that ACTUALLY catches the water. I think this is a great design. This stops any water from dripping off the bottom onto the floor, or dripping onto your leg.

Another awesome feature is the squeegee slots. They are made of, well, I’m not quite sure what they are made of, BUT they are awesome. Nice and soft and they are in a triangle shape that holds you channel perfectly. The soft material stops your rubber from getting nicked too.

If you like to keep your scrubber INSIDE your bucket on a sieve, the Drywalker allows you to add 4 total slots for channels. Now you can carry up to 4 squeegees at once. Nuts.

The design is great and the features are really well thought out. Moerman took something and made it better. Much better.

BUT, like anything i have a single complaint. The tabs that you push to remove the components needs a little tweaking. A fix is to bend them out word when you get it to give them more bite. This is such a small issue i wasn’t even going to bring it up…

All in all, I would rate this bucket as a 9 out of 10. If I know how Mormon works, they will improve on the buttons and this sucker will be a 10!