Reflections on life are viewed daily as we pass our squeegees over the glass we wash and clean. Do you remember the first time you cleaned a window? How about the first time you went over the wall of a 20-story building? Or the first window cleaning customer you landed? Or the first time you saw your future wife after seeing her through the window you had just cleaned?

I am Gabe Salinas. Owner and Founder of Window Ninjas. And I reflect on my life as a window cleaner, one window pane at a time! My journey began at the age of 17, fresh out of high school and needing a summer job before college. My sister helped me land a window-washing gig in Raleigh, NC. I can remember it like it was yesterday. The day I picked up my first squeegee, destiny embraced me. The stars aligned, and I assumed the handle of my squeegee as it floated effortlessly over the glass.

The summer of 92 was remarkable. I learned how to clean windows, climb up and carry ladders properly, and most importantly, I learned a skill. 

College did not work out so well for me. I made it half a semester! I knew school was not for me, and the only reason I went was because of my family upbringing. When I came back to Raleigh, I asked my boss if I could have my job back. 

Fast forward 31 years, and as I reflect on my life as a window cleaner, I can share with you all kinds of beautiful stories related to the window cleaning industry and how they helped me travel through life! 

My journey to where I am today was a fun and well-traveled experience. I would not change it for the world. Reflections on glass are like reflecting on life. I stayed with the first company I was with for ten years too long, but I learned a lot! Just like I did during that summer of 92.  

I started my Window Ninjas company a little over five years ago and expanded to 12 locations throughout North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee! We service residential homes, commercial storefront businesses, and perform high-rise building services. 

How did we do it? That question is the number one question I receive!

We did it with hard work, tenacity, discipline, and delivering unparalleled customer service experiences. We did it with hard-working employees that take pride in their work and have bought into our core values here at Window Ninjas.

Our growth plan is simple. We do good work. Serve our team members and our clients. And continue to grow using the franchise model.