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Today on gear guide, we’re talking all about the…

Big Scrubber!

If you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know about this thing, it’s brand new. It came out in August of 2023. The Big Scrubber is made by the same super awesome guy who makes the Xero Contact Scrubber, except this replaces a brush.

This tool is awesome! Instead of a walnut pad, you can use any type of flat pad. Everything sticks to this tool. What’s really cool about this is that when you use it as a brush, you have full access to this entire pad. This tool has velcro that is riveted on. Because it’s in constant water, having riveted Velcro means you’re not going to have any separation issues.

There are a ton of different pad options to use with The Big Scrubber, too. One of my favorite pads is the Hedgehog Sleeve, the most aggressive option out there. It has little fibers in there, which are really good for scrubbing. You can also use the Python Sleeve, which is very, very soft, almost like a golden glove.

The Big Scrubber uses the new Xero rinse bar. It’s an aluminum rinse bar that has the connection offset, allowing the handle attachment to not conflict when scrubbing. The rinse bar uses a barb and a hose that allow the barb to take more shock without breaking.

The Big Scrubber is a replacement for your Water Fed brush. You’re able to drop one off and then pop the other one on. It comes with that fast lock, which makes it nice and easy. It’s just an awesome, awesome tool.

Something that people aren’t even thinking about quite yet is the longevity. When using a full Boar’s Hair Brush, one of the downsides is that natural fibers tend to break, right? You have the ends and the bristles, and they start to wear out. You get about six months out of that.

The Big Scrubber, with a pad, is under 150 bucks. The tool itself does not wear out. And although the pads can wear out over time, you’re talking $10 or $20 per pad versus $150 for an entire brush. So the cost of this thing will be way more cost-efficient than anything else.

The Xero Big Scrubber comes in a ten-inch, which works with any ten-inch pad.

The Xero Big Scrubber comes with the aluminum rinse bar by Xero, the Xero fast lock brush attachment to pop it on and off, and a pad of your choice.  So, even if you’re trying to use something like a walnut pad, you’re covered. I really like the pattern you can make with it and its flow.

The only downside that I can find is that it doesn’t get the frames like a brush would. So, you’re talking about using this to clean more frameless stuff or routine jobs. Other than that, this is awesome. Not only is it well built, but it is super sturdy. It costs less than a brush and less to maintain than a brush. The tool will last almost forever.

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