Hey! I’m Stephanie Black from Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada. I feel like a million children, but a headcount revealed that I only have 4. I’m 30 years old and started my business three years ago. Previously I worked in the service industry, and I have a fancy piece of paper that says I’m also a certified Graphic Designer. I got into the business three years ago, when I came off maternity leave. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss, and the timing seemed right to jump in feet first. I’m so glad I did. I love the industry, the people, the clients, everything. My kids seem excited to get started in the industry in a few years. Being in a male-dominated industry has its… moments, but overall, the experience online with peers has been fun and insightful. 

I find the Canadian market very similar to the American market, except we have way fewer storm windows (YAY). I don’t clean windows in the winter, as I don’t have a strong storefront route, and it’s PRETTY COLD HERE! I have added pressure washing and gutter cleaning to my services and started selling and installing Christmas lighting last year. Black’s Window Cleaning has one other employee right now, but I sometimes bribe my husband to come to spot me on a ladder or roof as well. 

I live in a small community with about 10,000 people, so I don’t have very much competition for 200km (125m) in any direction. It’s different from the other cleaners I see in large urban markets, and I often count my blessings. It’s been good building up a clientele through word of mouth and Facebook advertising. By next year I plan to branch out to neighboring communities and get larger municipal and commercial jobs. 

Whether I build this into a large company with several trucks or work my fingers to the bone with the beater truck in my driveway, I know I’m doing what I love and having a blast being my own boss.


-Stephanie Black

Black’s Window Cleaning

Whitecourt, Alberta, Canada