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Jason D asks. “What are the pros/cons to a Truck vs. a Van?


Personally Jason I use a pickup truck because vans are only cool if you live in one down by the river…

But on a serious note using a van is great especially to keep your gear out of the weather and also for security. In my case looking back at living in a climate that gets cold and snows I kind of wish I went the van route. Pick-ups are nice to tow with and the versatility they offer especially if it’s a Ford haha. In all actuality, I don’t really think it comes down to any more than personal preference. I chose a pick-up truck because I wanted to be able to use it for other things and it would be easier to load and unload my pressure washer or my water fed pole system and have a ladder rack but also be able to haul a refrigerator if I needed to. But I can see now looking back a van would be super convenient because I can set it up and leave my gear and not have to worry about things getting wet or covered in snow or possibly stolen. Hope that helps and thanks for asking!


Credit: Michael Maharas

Brian V asks. “What is a service you just don’t wanna do any longer and why?”


Well short answer all of them I’d like to lay on a beach tan my rolls and sip umbrella drinks with my beautiful wife…

One service I really dislike doing is gutter cleaning. I will start by saying it is a service you can make great money doing and no overhead besides a ladder some bags and some determination. However, it seems almost 90% of the gutters I’ve ever cleaned were the first time they’ve ever been cleaned. Wet soppy messes with trees and ecosystems that rival something you’d see on Avatar. Stinky sludge all over your hands and clothes and that mysterious random asphalt roof granule that’s made its way into your mouth… And my personal favorite the pine tree growing right on the house 4” deep full of needles what a great time that is haha. But with all that said it’s an easy service to sell because of those reasons most people don’t want to do that so why not take advantage? With anything, just get a system down that makes that chore easier for you and just enjoy the check going in the bank. I personally inspect the gutters with a GoPro on a pole before bidding. I offer the customer before and after pictures so they know they were cleaned which is a good way to sell the job and I use a short pole with a gutter scoop attachment makes moving a ladder when needed much less of a frequent occurrence. Thanks for the question Brian V!

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