Michael Andrews asks: Is window cleaning skilled labor? Not running the business but the actual cleaning itself?


Great question, Michael! As I sit here in the hocking hills in front of a fire reflecting on the season passed, I can answer this question this way for you. Window cleaning isn’t a skilled trade; however, one does become quite skilled in window cleaning over time, some of us to a “journeyman” level as we know what it will take to get certain glasses clean. What tools we should use and most of all the time required to get said glass clean. Some are slower than others, but after a certain amount of years, most window cleaners are pumping out cleanings very quickly and efficiently and of high quality. So I would say after a certain amount of time, it becomes skilled labor as an old salt window cleaner will make more money faster than someone wet behind the ears. You’ll pay a seasoned veteran window cleaner more than someone with next to no experience, so again it could be considered skilled labor. I hope this helps out, and good luck!


Dean Patrick Eldon asks: Has anyone ever noticed that 0000 steel wool tends to scratch the glass when the glass is super hot and tempered glass?

Credit: Jamie Hallman


Well, Dean…..I’ve been cleaning windows for close to two decades, and I’ve yet to scratch any glass with 0000 steel wool. The glass itself is harder than the wool you’re using, which would make scratching glass quite difficult. It’s much more likely you’ve got something trapped in your wool or washer that could be causing the issue? But again, for as long as I’ve cleaned the glass, the constant conversation with my window cleaning peers, and my close friendship with the glass scratch removal king, Marc Tanner, it seems highly unlikely that your wool alone has scratched glass hot or cold. Scrapers could scratch glass if you’re not careful with debris trapped in your mop or wool. Always be sure to have fresh wool on hand, and don’t be afraid to change it out frequently. Also make sure you’re rinsing your mop washer frequently when in a situation where the glass is extremely dirty and you need to scour the glass. Also, knowing when you need to scour glass with your wool, not every piece of glass needs steel wool, no matter what you may see otherwise. Choose your tools wisely, and best of luck hope that helps! 

Well, I’m off to enjoy my vacation in the hills. I wish you all happy holidays and a prosperous winter! If you have a question you’d like answered, you can send it to [email protected], and you’ll see it here in the most awesome magazine ever, American Window Cleaner Magazine!


-T Squeegee Out!