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Christian Presant asks: How do you clean plexiglass windows? Any Tips? 


Credit: Jeff Scott

Sure, Christian, the short answer is you don’t. The long answer is. You shouldn’t, but you should be extremely careful if you feel the need to do so or are asked to clean plexiglass. I’ve found that most plexiglass scratches and looks worse when cleaned. But I have a few customers with this bothersome surface they want to be cleaned. I normally spray plexiglass down with some water before even touching them to make sure any solids on the glass are gone because if you dive right in with a rag, you’re most likely going to drag those solids all over the plexiglass, scratching them. So I try my best to give them a good rinse, carefully check them for anything stuck, and remove it gently with my thumbnail or plastic scraper. I normally let stuck on debris soak for a minute to loosen it up so it comes off easier, and then rinse again and wipe down with a soft towel. That is all we can be expected to do with plexiglass, as it is a soft surface that begins to degrade and break down over time. Be very careful and explain to your customer the things that could happen cleaning a soft surface like plexiglass to make sure you are covered if any damage shows as a result of you cleaning them. I hope that helps and avoid cleaning plexiglass.


Conner Creer asks: What degree handle would be best for doing two-story homes if you can’t use a ladder? (I’m broke and can’t afford a WFP setup just yet) I found myself in a position last summer doing a two-story home and unable to close out using my Ledge EZ handle, and the extended concrete ledge made it extremely difficult. Is there a better handle to use in this situation? 


Great question. Yes, there are other options you can use. One is a ledger; they sell them in different offsets and offer a swivel option. If that suits you, these are very effective in closing out windows with deep ledges. You could also use a Moreman Excelerator handle, or my favorite, the Unger 0 degree handle; the latter two options will take some practice, and you will need to close out on the side instead of at the bottom. You could also try any of the Wagtail tools with the addition of their angle adaptor. They, too, could make short work of those windows with deep ledges. With a little practice, all of these options could change how you tackle windows over one story. I hope that helps. I may also suggest hopping on YouTube and watching some seasoned vets use a pole traditionally at height to get some insight on what techniques work best for those situations. 

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