My name is Austin Bohn of Austin’s Window Cleaning Services. I was always looking for ways to make some money to get things I liked; video games, clothes, or whatever else my heart desired at the time. My mom loves for my siblings and me to help her out with the cleaning of our rental properties. I wanted to help with cleaning the windows since it seemed the easiest, but with Windex and some paper towels, it gets very tiring very fast. I knew from watching videos of people hanging from skyscrapers, using squeegees and mops, there was a better way. So I asked my Mom, “Do we have any squeegees?” She had a shower squeegee, but I realized it was awful after trying it out. So the next time we headed to Lowe’s, I picked up a couple of different things; mop, squeegee, bucket, etc. After watching tons of videos, I started learning the trade! 

I bring in both residential and commercial. I’ve cleaned a couple of homes and have a couple more lined up! I clean a restaurant called “Lynn’s Place.” It’s an amazing restaurant if you’re ever in the Robbinsville, NC, area. You might even see me cleaning!

I like where I am currently at. I always look for more jobs whenever I get the opportunity! But with the amount I’ve got, I make decent money for a 14-year-old!

I love using the Xero pole with the 0 degree Unger! Aside from tools and the actual jobs, the number of people who have helped and supported me still is just amazing. I’m so grateful to everybody. I would start naming, but if I did, I don’t think it would all fit in this.