Hello to my fellow window cleaners!My name is Richo & I’m from Perth, Western Australia. 

When I was a young boy. my dad started his own window cleaning business, and I have fond memories of going to work with him on school holidays and learning the craft of window cleaning! 


Fast forward to 2020, I started my own window cleaning business when Covid19 struck, and this is my story:

I’ve worked in the entertainment and events industry for most of my adult life, but with the devastating effects of Covid19, I found myself unemployed and unable to provide for my family. After a lot of brainstorming and soul-searching, I launched my own window-cleaning business. 

Whilst waiting for my missus to finish shopping one day, I was thinking about ideas for my business, and I thought that I wanted to stand out from the other window cleaning businesses in my area.

So instead of a van or truck, and because I love riding, I carry out my services with the use of an e-bike & trailer. And that is how Bike and Bucket Window Cleaning was born!

If I could give any advice to anyone that is starting out in this industry, I would say my biggest tip would be to jump on Facebook and join some of the window cleaning groups. The amount of knowledge, tips, and friendships made just from doing this simple thing has helped my business grow & has made it what it is today!   My two favourite and most beneficial groups I have come across are Pro Window Cleaning and Aussie Window Cleaners. Cheers!