Hi, My name is Brian Jungblut and I represent a family owned cleaning and window cleaning company named J. Poortvliet located in Amsterdam since 1942, the Netherlands.

How I started as a window cleaner is not as captivating as the company I have proudly represented since 2014. My first experience with this dazzling profession was in mid-1999 as a restless twenty-something year old, looking for a purpose in life. Never having held a squeegee in my life, I started with good mood and a bucket. Fast forward with a pile of experience as an all-round window cleaner, I was given the opportunity to take over my current company from the previous owner. I had already converted the company to a glass and facade specialization business. Our strength lies in solving problems and tackling challenges that colleagues no longer see a solution to. I say our strenght, because without my employees I would not have been where I am today, where one of the spearheads is that it has been a real family business since 1942 to the present. With five brothers we tackle all areas of cleaning, but window cleaning remains our core business.

No assignment is too crazy for us, especially if we can use innovative solutions. We daily monitor developments in our industry worldwide that I’ve seen from Dubai to China, which ensures that an old-fashioned company can compete with the new generation. Our clientele varies enormously from local healthcare institutions to international companies to small boutiques in narrow Amsterdam streets to huge office buildings in the business area that create new challenges every day through word of mouth.

We don’t do everything, but we do a lot, both day and night, so we are called at night if cleaning needs to be done after a burglary because the office staff must be able to work when they open, if a indoor water leak is not traceable, if a graffiti artist leaves his tag on the monumental facade to the preparation of a lunch by one of our lunch ladies. We solve the problems for our customers when they don’t know where to start in times of need…

I hope that I still can learn a lot from colleagues and that many will continue to practice this profession worldwide in the future. Don’t let problems discourage you, but see them as a challenges and don’t be afraid to ask advice from veterans…


overview of our services



– All kinds of (office) buildings in- outside

– Cleaning of GMP-rooms, cleanrooms, laboratories and server rooms

– Cleaning glass and facades

– Cleaning ventilation systems

– Quality control for (colleagues) companies

– Writing cleaning protocols for laboratories

– Skyreacher assistance for example, repair work on facades

– Floor restorations

– Minor maintenance and maintenance inspections