As a window cleaning professional, your work is rewarding—yet a little risky. Being an experienced cleaner, you know that accidents happen while on the job. We know you do your best to avoid these accidents, but they are bound to happen. That’s where insurance comes into play. Insurance provides a financial safety net, and having coverage in place helps you work with peace of mind. 

Perhaps you’re just getting started with your window cleaning business, or you’d like to hear examples of common workplace accidents. Today we’ll cover our top three most common window cleaning claims that Insurance Canopy has received and how you can avoid them. 


Trip-and-Fall Accidents


This is the most common accident that happens in a window cleaning environment. This could be a client or pedestrian walking by and tripping on your equipment, and sustaining an injury. When window cleaning, make sure that you’re aware of your surroundings. If need be, put up signs or make a perimeter around your equipment so that others cannot trip on it.


Ladder Falling


A ladder falling and breaking a window is also a common claim we have received from our policyholders. This can occur with an employee on it or a ladder falling and breaking a window and damaging client property—including vehicles and other unpredictable value items. Properly train your employees to be safe while on the ladder, and enforce your policies when they are on the job. This will also help them know where to place the ladder, lowering the chances of breaking a window or having it fall and damage client property. 


Property Damage

Credit: Phebe Van Der Meer


Our next common claim is property damage that results from misuse of the cleaning equipment. For example, if an employee uses a pressure washer to wash a client’s window and damages their window trim or facade, your company could be held liable to pay for the damages. This could also happen when an incorrect chemical or cleaning product is used, damaging the client’s property. Again, this goes along with properly training your employees. They need to know the chemical properties of the cleaning products so that they are always using the correct chemicals.


Get the Coverage You Need


We hope that these claim examples and suggestions of how to avoid them are helpful so you can better prepare your business to protect it from harmful accidents. Properly train your employees and take extra safety precautions so you can avoid having to file a claim. Don’t let an accident sweep your financial resources away from your company.

Take a look at the Insurance Canopy website today to learn more about Window Cleaning Insurance. We offer policies starting at $27 per month—a small price to pay to protect your business. While purchasing your policy, you can select additional endorsements, like tools and equipment coverage, to be added to your policy. You can also add additional insureds, allowing you to add third parties to your policy at any time. You can fill out an application online in ten minutes or less. With your policy comes a digital certificate of insurance that you can download to show proof of insurance. Don’t hesitate to call our licensed insurance agents at 844.520.6993 with any questions you have about window cleaning insurance.


Caitlin Bagley

[email protected]