The squeegee is old.  I mean, it’s almost like the mouse trap. One of the first versions ended up being best AND it’s stood the test of time.  In window cleaning, we don’t really see a lot of innovation with a simple design like the squeegee.  But along comes the Moerman to change all of that.


This is the Moerman Excelerator 2.0 with the F*liq pad. Trust me, this tool is like the Swiss Army knife of window cleaning.


  1. Redesigned for Efficiency and Ease: After getting feedback from pros like us, Moerman upgraded the Excelerator. It now sports a slimmer head and a gripping jaw that’s been redesigned for a deeper reach. That’s great for those pesky windows with deep sills. Plus, with new negative angles (-20° and -5°), we’ve got more flexibility to tackle different window types.


  1. A Lock That Actually Locks: Remember how the original Excelerator’s channels would sometimes loosen up? Moerman listened and revamped the locking mechanism. It’s way more secure now, even if your hands are as slippery as a wet window.


  1. Swivel or Fixed? Your Choice!: The new locking button is a breeze to use. With just a push, you can switch between a swivel head and a fixed tool. That’s super handy when you’re moving between different window styles.


  1. Ergonomic Grip for Comfort: They’ve sculpted the handle to fit our hands better. This means less cramping and more comfort during those long cleaning sessions.


  1. F*liq Pad – A Time Saver: The FLIQ pad, guys, is a total time-saver. Clip it on, and you’re ready to squeegee and wash with a simple wrist flick. Plus, it’s super absorbent, leaving windows clean with minimal effort. And for tougher jobs, the FUGU FLIQ, with its coarse bristles, is perfect.


  1. The F*LIQ Method – Efficiency at Its Best: The F*LIQ method is like a dance move for window cleaning. Flip the pad over the squeegee, soap up, flip it back, start fanning, and you’re done. It’s impressive for us and our clients and leaves the window spotless with minimal wiping.


The Moerman Excelerator 2.0 with the F*liq pad is like the superhero of window cleaning tools. It’s more robust, adjustable, and stable. If you liked the original, you’re going to love this version. It’s about making our job easier, quicker, and more effective. 


Once you get the hang of the feeling, you are going to speed up your cleaning with less detailing and less to chase on the glass.  


If you haven’t tried one yet, shoot me a text, and let’s get one ordered up!  ~Jersey 862-312-2026