Xero screen cleaner





We go through life thinking that we know everything there is to know about an industry that we have been part of for years.  And then one day, BOOM, something comes out that you would have never thought of.  Enter a screen cleaner.  



Cleaning screens isn’t hard. In fact, they are so easy a monkey could do them, BUT that monkey would have sore knuckles from toweling off the screens to dry them.  And when they only turn out OK, that monkey may say a few choice words.  Well, I’m that monkey.  

There have been screen cleaners that have been around for about 15 years, but they were never really that good.  Aztec came out with their version only a few years back.  And it’s by far the best one on the market.  The Xero screen cleaner and the Aztec are the same thing, just a different sticker.  But the way they box up, the brush configuration, and the ease of use just make this an awesome tool.  It’s one of those tools that you would never think you would like because screens have always just been done with a scrubber.  But once you start using one, you are going to have more people stop and ask for a quote.  More people ask about the screen cleaner than do about waterfed.


This screen cleaner has 4 brushes encased in an aluminum shell.  The slotted opening allows you to clean large screen doors and small windows all without any type of adjustments.  The water supply is a simple garden hose fitting.  You dont need to use this in conjunction with a pure water system or any filtration. It can use just standard garden hose water!  And if your screen is really greasy from a grill or just road film, you can always spray a light mist of some simple green right on the screen.  Even if you are dealing with heavy spider webs or cotton woods, it can surprisingly handle anything you throw at it.

I am a huge fan, of course, but you need to put your feet in the right direction.  I see people say that they are floppy, and 100% of the time, the legs are wrong, but once set up, this screen cleaner is solid.  I almost never use soap with it, and the brushes last you almost forever at a price point of only $379 it’s not a bad investment.  



If we do a little old ladies house with 5 windows, I may not pull it out, but for everything else, I am going to use this. IF you have more questions, let me know!  I would love to help get you a new screen cleaner ordered up!  ~Jersey 862.312.2026