How did I get started in window cleaning?

For a little over a decade, I had always flirted with the idea of opening a cleaning business of some kind. Seeing that generic office cleaning was an incredibly saturated market, I knew I had to niche down. After watching a few prominent YouTubers rocking it in the industry, I ultimately decided to get into window cleaning. I came from a production, manufacturing, and sales industry, so this was an entirely new adventure!


What kind of business am I bringing in?

Being in both residential and commercial sectors has allowed plenty of opportunities to fall on our plate throughout the year. Winters can get nasty in Canada, but being able to work during the colder weather gives us an edge over the seasonal companies. Alongside our window cleaning, we also clean and repair window screens, clean gutters, and do some light power washing.


How is business going for me?

Business has been great! I hit the 5-year mark in May 2023, a huge personal milestone; as they say, 90% of all businesses fail within the first five years. Having a business that’s survived a pandemic and accelerating inflation in Canada has allowed me to grow steadily while still making time for my family.


What do I love about window cleaning?

We do a lot of service work for seniors. Helping people is by far the most rewarding aspect of the job. What we do has immediate visual results, and the compliments that come with it are addictive. On a more personal level, the simplicity of the craft but the technicality required to do it effectively (and be profitable) makes this whole business a ton of fun. I guess I’m a glutton for punishment, but being able to master a process like this and have employees successfully execute it as well is a fantastic feeling.


Anything else to share? 

Have you ever called a company for a service that you need, say a plumber or a store, to see if they have something in stock only to get hit with a full voicemail, 600 phone button prompts, or no answer at all? How did that make you feel? Your lost customers feel that way, too. My advice – answer your phone!