As a window cleaning business owner, you probably started your company because you were great at your skillset. You love to roll up your sleeves and serve your customers, helping them see crystal clear windows. 

But as your business grew, there’s a good chance you found out a surprising reality: you can be good at washing windows… and you can love to serve your customers… but there’s something that you need that you weren’t adequately prepared for: LEADS. 

You need leads to allow your company to operate successfully. You need people who want your services – window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, etc. You need many of these leads coming in (since not all those leads will turn into customers). 


Ultimately, it comes down to one simple activity: a lead generation system.


You need to get more and more leads into your pipeline so that some of them turn into customers. And as you grow, you need to get even more leads into your pipeline, provided you want to scale your operation to the next level! 

In this article, I’m sharing some out-of-the-box sources to generate leads. These are the same strategies my company has used to take us to the multi-million-dollar level. And many are the same strategies that Window Washing Wealth clients use and perfect in their own markets around the country. 

Chances are, you may even be using some of these strategies now. There are many ways to take existing strategies and make them even more effective. And maybe there are a few here that you’re not using at all. 


Start with these and learn to master them. 


#1: Social Media Contest

Credit: Jose Diaz


Hold a social media contest in your market and give out a great prize that your ideal audience would love. For example, have people get a yard sign, put it in their yard, and share a photo on social media. Draw the name of a winner from the participants. Send all participants an offer and a thank you note or gift card. Or create a contest that gives away a free service. Take all the respondents, choose one, and make the announcement. Perhaps it becomes a contest of the month or quarter. (Note: always check with local laws when conducting a contest.) 


#2: YouTube Videos


YouTube videos are a great way to get in front of your audience. Record videos on topics that your audience is interested in (as it relates to your services) and post them regularly. Record one video a day. It doesn’t have to be very long or polished; just get a short video posted daily. Think of things that your audience is already searching for (for example: if you’re a window cleaner, consider videos that answer questions like “what’s the best way to clean my windows” or if you’re in pressure washing, consider viewing videos like “the best way to remove mold.”) At the end of every video, present a sales offer and invite people to call or visit your website. 


#3: Give People Something Free


Create a free offer on your website in exchange for people giving you contact information at opt-in. This could include a free report, money-saving coupons, a free item of value, etc. Make sure the offer is added everywhere, from social media to the footer of your email. 


#4: Direct Mail


Direct mail is a proven lead generation tool; the problem is that most companies are doing it wrong. Every direct mail piece should reference the one prior, have great copy and design that gives people a reason to act and create urgency with a limited offer. Direct mail should always be done in combination with other types of marketing. At my company, we call it “stackable marketing” in a series of 5-7 (or more) impressions over a period of time. Additionally, don’t blanket a large area (this is expensive). You’re better off focusing on a smaller area like a couple of streets or a neighborhood and ‘dripping’ regular marketing pieces to that area. 


#5: Participate in Local Facebook Groups


Chances are, there are local Facebook groups that are actively used by your ideal client right now. They could include anything from neighborhood-specific groups, buy and sell groups, garage sale groups, etc. Just go in there and add value in a non-salesy way and become a valued contributor to the group. When an opportunity arises for you to talk about your business, then do so. (Always add value first, though.) 


More to come in Part 2…


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