Assuming you are like me, sitting at your desk, maybe staring out the window at the stark, cold tight winter days that find a passionate and professional window cleaner a bit too fidgety, Maybe you are just ready to get back out there and enjoy the flow of your work as the days start to get longer and warmer?

When that day comes again each new season, the flowers start to pop out of the ground, the trees bud with new life, the air is filled with the songs of the new bird come to play around in the warm air that signals Spring has arrived! The passionate and professional window cleaner comes to life after a long winter rest, they must be ready to go, ready to flow, efficiency and pace. The need to shape the season starts early for those who know how easy it can be to get slammed, backed up, experience a gridlock of equipment issues, office errors, scheduling snafus!


Be Prepared!


I love what I do. I am very passionate about my window cleaning, my clients, my flow, for me this is not work, it is fun, enjoyable, and not much different than putting together a puzzle. I start at the end of the last season, make sure I properly put away the spring-fall tools and equipment, make a checklist, then get my winter tools and gear set-up for the new season. 

For those who are new to water-fed/filtration make sure to find out the proper ways to store those systems over the winter months, you can also learn how they can be used during the winter months as well!


Everything has a place! The more organized your storage system is the easier it is to get going in the Spring, make sure everything is organized! 


Credit: Jeff Scott

I like the start in January, I make sure the schedule into the new season/year is in order, repeat clients already set up, all openings for the new year visible, all route work is re-organized for the new season, all Residential is examined, adjustments to yearly service plans made, Holidays and events like coming graduations, weddings, parties, etc. are anticipated and planned into the new year. I make sure I am totally aware of every opening we have for all employees, knowing what we need to fill from the start makes it easier to hit our target new sales and existing client up-sells.

After we get our office in order we hit the garage and make sure the tools and equipment are checked, cleaned, parts and stock gone over, inventory managed, supplies needed are listed for order, ladders inspected. Everything is gone over so that once the bell rings, once the gate is open, we are off and running without delay; it is so important to be totally prepared for the opening bell of each new season.

The most important thing I do to get ready for Spring is to make sure I take care of the physical me; for those “in the field window cleaners” I cannot stress enough the importance of maintaining a strong and healthy physical being! Proper diet and exercise, a healthy cleanse of toxins built up, the body needs time to heal from the previous season but also needs to be maintained, conditioning, and in turn this is the example we set for those who work under our guidance. Stay healthy, find your inner and outer sexy, show it off with pride, a healthy and positive window cleaner cannot be stopped!


Maintain a strong and healthy physical being!


I am a very passionate window cleaner. I am always ready to go clean windows, all seasons; so in a way, “getting ready for Spring” is a bit different for me, I have “in the field” systems and set-ups for all seasons, each season presents us with new and interesting challenges. Spring may be the “beginning” of the average “season” in window cleaning but it is not as hard as “Getting ready for Winter Window Cleaning”! 


But that is another story!

By Craig Hendzel