How do you advertise window cleaning? What works, and what doesn’t?


Well, first and foremost, this is different in every area.


Different markets can respond differently, but a few things work across the board.

The first issue many companies have is that they don’t keep uniform across all of their platforms.  There are social media, print, and websites to think about.  It all needs to have the same feeling.  The same colors and textures.  If it all doesn’t match then, people are seeing it for the first time.  Nothing registers with them. Think about the big companies out there—Coca-Cola, Mcdonald’s, etc.  Everything coke does is red and white.  Same designs, same feel.  It’s to gain familiarity.  Brand recognition if you were.  They put the same message and the same feeling ads on every platform.  I mean, who doesn’t know the Coca-Cola bears? 

Credit: Peter Cruz

Another issue that smaller companies struggle with is the message.  The message needs to be straightforward and easy to understand.  It has to take 3 seconds to get. Remember, people are like goldfish nowadays.  They have so many ads they are blind to them.  Think of it this way.  If you offer window cleaning, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, house washing, etc., don’t tell them all of that.  NOT right away.  In fact, no one is reading all of that, and you just basically made your ad invisible.  Create an ad that says “Window Cleaning” BIG letters, eye-catchy pic, and a phone number and website.  You can skim the words WINDOW CLEANING and read that in 3 seconds.  Get them to go to your site to learn about everything else you do.

Ok, how about another example?  So everyone in the world knows who Mcdonald’s is.  They have thousands of locations and are a global brand.  They still advertise in every form of marketing.  Take a billboard.  They put a hires pic of a delicious burger (they don’t even look that good in real life). They put a simple logo on it and a reb and yellow background.  BOOM.  Even doing 80MPH, you know what it is, AND it triggers a response.  No words, nothing.  They don’t list every item they sell.  EVEN tho some people only like the nuggets.  

Another no-no is advertising price, and price only.  People think, OH if I were just a little cheaper, I would have more customers.  That isn’t it at all; in fact, we are a luxury service.  If you ONLY talk price, that is all they can focus on.  Talk about VALUE.  No one cares about the price if it is a Ferrari they are interested in getting.  Lamborghini doesn’t have a presidents day sale.  If you focus on value, so will they.  Marketing is conveying the message you want them to read.


Know Your Avatar


You need to know WHO you are selling to.  Just like how we sell on our main product and upsell the others, this is the same thing.  We need to know who our typical customer is?  What do they do, what do they like?  What are their hobbies?  Family structure? Know it all and piece it together.  If you find that your avatar plays golf and works 60 hour weeks….Well, tell them how much free time you give them back.  The free time they can use to go golfing.  Speak TO your customer. If you don’t like golf, you will still see free time and be intrigued.  

I guarantee that your marketing could be adjusted.  I bet you can even raise your ROI a ton!  Professional marketers live and die by these rules.  There is a reason for that.  Be awesome and focus on what you are doing!  You will kill it out there!


I Never Recommend advertising when it is slow


Remember that people have to have window cleaning in their brains to resonate with them. Think cheeseburger billboards not working for vegans. If you don’t want something, you can do nothing to make that stick. 


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