I didn’t know a thing when I first fell into the world of window cleaning, but many aspects
of it were enticing to me. I applied for a job as a high-rise window cleaner in my early 20’s in
North Lake Tahoe. As a dirtbag mountain biker and climber living in my van at the time, the job
was a perfect fit. We often traveled and stayed in hotels. It offered me great pay, and I had
ample time off to play in the mountains, where I felt most at home. My boss and his right-hand
man were incredible mentors, something not all of us are lucky enough to have. They were true
window cleaning cowboys that had the trade passed down to them before I was born.

I carried those memories and experiences with me to Central Oregon where I started my
own business, Alpenglow Window Cleaning. When I first started out, I was working in a shop
building off-road vehicles during the week, and cleaning windows on the weekends. I couldn’t
stand being inside all day so I took the risk to go full-time last fall. Things have taken off and I’ve
quickly realized the need in our area. Due to the desire to grow in my profession, I’ve become
deeply interested in learning the art of scratch removal and glass restoration to provide more
solutions for my customers.

I quickly outgrew my little pickup as I added more services, so I purchased another van.
Living and growing up in the mountains, I’ve always had a hard time going anywhere without a
full bag of tools, oil, food/water etc. Having the van allows me to feel prepared for any job and
have a back-up if anything breaks on the job.

I enjoy cleaning windows more than ever. Getting to serve and feel connected to the
people in my community is really fulfilling. The snow-capped mountains I can see from my desk
are a reminder of the freedom I’m able to give myself as a business owner. I look forward to
building a lean, efficient, and personable business here in Central Oregon.