Welcome back, This month I want to tell you all about the Ettore Backflip!


This combination tool which can be used in many ways has been one of my favorite window cleaning tools since I began doing a lot of storefront and commercial work back in 2012. 

When I started cleaning storefront and commercial windows with an extension pole, I would always have to switch between my washer and squeegee when doing pole work and it got old quick! So, I browsed the internet to find a tool that could do both without needing to switch the tools out so much. I had a gift card to Amazon and found the Ettore Backflip 18” and bought it right away. 

The day I got it I put it right to work and was flying through pole work like I never had before and completed storefronts faster then ever. Now one thing I didn’t know until I got the Backflip is that the squeegee channel is always 2 inches longer than the washer sleeve when you buy a brand-new Backflip, so for instance when you buy the 18”, you get a 20” channel. Same for the 14” and 10” version. Another thing that threw me for a loop a little was the weight. The Ettore golden glove on the Backflip holds a lot of water so while it saves time in not needing to switch tools much it can get heavy, especially when using it on an extension pole over 15’. But the pros outweigh the cons with the Ettore Backflip. 

The Backflip has a few different ways you can use it, most popular is together with the squeegee and washer sleeve facing opposite ways, so when you do pole work you just flip it around to wash and then squeegee the window. It can also have the washer and squeegee facing the same way, creating a one pass wash and squeegee, I don’t prefer using it like this. Then the last way is you can separate the squeegee and washer with a quick release button on the handle. The T-bar alone is very nice with a long handle and the T-bar has a flat surface to it allowing you to cover more area when scrubbing the window. The squeegee is the famous ledge-eze handle from Ettore which has a 40-degree angle on it with a lot of clearance, making it easy to close out deep ledges while using by hand or when using on a pole. 

In my opinion, the Backflip is one of the best tools for newbies all the way up to veterans. With its different size options, it can be used with almost all windows sizes and can be a great addition to your tool arsenal! 

Until next month! Hope you all had a great summer season!


-By SteveO