In this edition of American Window Cleaner Magazine, I want to discuss the power of boar’s hair for your water fed pole setup!


I will start off by mentioning that the only Boar’s hair brush I recommend for water fed pole work when cleaning windows is the Tucker Boar’s hair brush. 

Now you may ask yourself why not nylon or a hybrid brush, which has nylon on the exterior and boar’s hair in the middle and does glide easier on the glass. Boar’s hair is more aggressive than nylon bristles and can get through the extra layer of dirt on the window that most other brushes can’t.

The reason I suggest getting the Tucker Boar’s hair brush over another brand Boar’s hair brush is due to how dense the bristles are in the brush compared to others. It has a long bristle and a short bristle so that if the long bristle splays out there is still the shorter bristle to scrub the glass thoroughly. Only downfall with Boar’s hair brushes is that it will wear down quicker than a nylon bristle. An average used boar’s hair brush will last about one busy season, or 6 to 8 months, before needing to be replaced. But I look at it the same way I look at squeegee rubber, squeegee rubber pays for itself in one window, a boar’s hair brush which usually ranges around $125 pays itself off in one job so its worth it. Boar’s hair also will hold on to more dirt than a nylon brush, so it is a good idea to soak the brush in pure water every month or so to lift the dirt from the bristles. 

The power of Boar’s hair changed water fed pole work for me and gave me the confidence to use it with a pure water system on the dirtiest of jobs and be able to get amazing results with out the need for traditional window cleaning methods. If you are finding that you aren’t able to get the results you want with water fed pole work and have not tried to use a boar’s hair brush, I would highly encourage adding it to your window cleaning toolbox!


-By SteveO