The #1 tool that every window cleaner should have on their tool belt is…The Maykker Handy Sleeve!


If you don’t know what the Maykker Handy Sleeve is, it’s a simple T-bar with a Velcro sleeve that can hold different abrasives and microfiber towels. Comes in sizes of 6’’ to 18” and it was invented by Richie Blue who is a veteran window cleaner who is also the creator of many other game changing tools for the window cleaning industry.

Every window cleaner knows the struggle of wrapping a towel around the pole tip and extending the pole 12’ to 30’ and having the towel fall off and having to go through the whole process again.


This will never happen again with the handy sleeve.


You can attach a microfiber towel to the Velcro and it will hold very securely with the only way of removing it is if you take it off. This will allow you to be able to attach to a pole tip and have a towel that will never fall off when you’re detailing the window edges or frames. It’s also great for cleaning ledges that are either out of reach or just need a quick wipe. I usually keep it on my work belt with a towel attached to it all the time and it never falls off. I do not suggest using surgical towels with it, they will not stick well.

When I first received the Maykker Handy Sleeve about 2 years ago, which was the 6-inch size, it took me a bit to get used to it and understand the different ways to use it. One of the first ways I used it was by attaching a bronze wool pad to it, which stuck very well to the Velcro, and gave me the ability to give an extra scrub by hand or on a pole. Only bad part is the white felt material on the back of the pads gets stuck in any Velcro and is hard to clean out.

If you’re looking to attach a non-scratch abrasive to it, I suggest either white pads or walnut pads. Both are similar as far as how abrasive they are and hold very firmly to the Handy Sleeve so that when you’re using it by hand or on a pole it won’t fall off. There are also the Maykker Sleeves that you can attach to them which come in a more abrasive option called the Hedgehog, a highly absorbent microfiber with the Scotsman, and a great sleeve for insided, the Python. They all come in sizes from 6” to 18”.

The Handy Sleeve is a tool that if you ever lose it or somehow break it you won’t hesitate to buy another one right away. It fits easily on a tool loop for your belt, so it doesn’t take up much real estate on your waist. In my opinion, every window cleaner should have one. I think you can find many uses to these; just the other day I use it to clean off some gutters that had drip marks from cleaning them. The possibilities are endless with the Maykker Handy Sleeve and is by far one of my favorite window cleaning tools of the past couple years.

-By SteveO