There are some things that have been tried over and over again with no luck. There is no need to try any of this for yourself!


1 – Billboards suck


They don’t work.  You have to think that no one is able to read the info and write down your name, email, or even phone number in order to call.  Billboards work awesome for Cheeseburgers just off of the interstate.


2 – Floppy poles

Credit: Jeroen Huizenga


MAN, I know that some people think they are just saving money by getting a low-end pole, but don’t do it.  You are wasting your money if you have to just re-buy a better pole just a month or so later!  I would rather you wait a bit and save for a better pole. You won’t regret it!


3 – Low GPM pressure washer 


You may be tempted to get a Ryobi pressure washer from your local big box.  Check the GPM.  4GPM is the LOW end.  If you are under that then you will really be let down.  Trying to wash a house with something that is not made for pros is awful. Go for a 4GPM belt drive at the bare minimum.


4 – Sending EDDM once


Now EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail) is an awesome program, BUT if you do it wrong you are wasting your money.  EDDM needs to have 3 mailings sent once a week for the 3 weeks.  To the same people and addresses….With the same mailers.  It’s all about breaking through the noise.  If you send just 1 time your ROI might not even pay for the mailing, much less pay for the printing.


5 – Paying for a website without SEO


This is one of the most overlooked marketing ideas around.  You can have the greatest flyers in the world, but if they sit in your closet and no one sees them they are useless.  This is SEO.  Buy a good website, BUT make sure you get someone who is good at SEO.  This is getting your website in front of people.  Your website will be your #1 form of paid advertising by far!  Make it count.


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-By Jersey