The story of P&R Window Cleaning is a story of love, dedication, and luck. Not knowing exactly what I wanted to do after high school, I held various jobs that paid my bills but were never really rewarding. However, this all changed when my brother-in-law, who worked in the glass industry, told me about an opening they had for a glazier at his company. From the very first day on the job as a glazier, I worked with my hands, traveled all over our beautiful area to install windows, met clients, and saw firsthand the difference my work made in beautifying people’s homes and views. My dedication to ensuring that all our customers were happy led to many of them asking my brother-in-law and me if we would be interested in cleaning their windows when needed.

Thus began our seven-year run as window cleaners as a side gig. One of these customers, a successful businessman with multiple businesses and properties, would play an important part in my life. He saw something in me that led him to offer me a job as a service advisor for his Toyota dealership. Having a wife and two children by this time, I figured a better-paying job would be better for our family, and I would continue doing window cleaning on the side. Although the job was financially rewarding, it left me personally unfulfilled. After working for him for five years, I decided to talk to him about what I really wanted to do; open up my own window-cleaning business. Even though he was sad to see me go, he was highly supportive and gave me multiple properties to maintain. 

 I am proud to report that P&R Window Cleaning, named after my two beautiful and amazing daughters, Peyton and Ryann, has officially been in business for one year. Although it has had its ups and downs, as with any new business, I am confident that by the end of the year, I will have another truck up and running, and P & R will be a household name in Monterey, CA.