You’re out there doing awesome work. You clean the best out of anybody in your town, and you’ve been doing this for years. You’ve created a USP, a unique selling proposition. Everything is in line to have an awesome business. But why do people finally pull the trigger? Why does somebody decide, “Hey I’m going to go with these guys”?

Why is it that when you have a customer, it’s so much easier to sell them more of your services? Maybe you’ve had customers for a while who just give you keys to their home. The biggest factor in all of this is trust. People have to trust you. It isn’t often that we think about trusting ourselves right? Of course you trust yourself, because you can’t hide anything from yourself. But remember: the fact is, we’re contractors. Contractors as a whole are known to be shady, as we’ve all heard the horror stories. 


“The real reason people buy from you is that they trust you. Or at least think they can trust you.”

Credit: Phebe Van Der Meer


A lot of window cleaning companies don’t focus on trust. If you can’t let a new customer know 100% that they can trust you, your product, and your staff, they are going to be leery to pull the trigger.

But, how do we build trust? Well… We re- verse engineer it. We need to create issues out of thin air in order to find solutions. What if somebody doesn’t trust the fact that their windows will be perfect? Well, we put into place a guarantee. We’ll guarantee that they will be perfect, and know that can’t be a trust issue. What if somebody doesn’t trust that the weather won’t ruin their perfectly clean windows? Well, we guarantee it with a seven day rain guarantee. What if somebody doesn’t trust our staff inside their home? We create picture IDs and provide star ratings to ensure that who is going into their home is competent and knowledgable.

If we can take away someone’s every objection, and they have absolutely zero reason to not trust us, they will buy. If someone has even the slightest bit of mistrust, that becomes a hindrance to actually pulling the trigger. Of course we want to do great work, and create an amazing experience for them. But, in the initial buying process it’s all about trust.

Think about this. You walk into a car dealer, you’re talking to the salesman. They’re talking a mile a minute, and not listening to your questions but more or less talking from the script. You know you want the vehicle, and the vehicle has nothing to do with the sales person. But yet somehow you don’t end up buying. It’s because in your brain, you got a feeling that the sales person was shady. You didn’t trust them to the point where you didn’t buy the vehicle you wanted because there was just something off. This can happen in your window cleaning business. Somebody can talk to you over the phone or in person and just not trust you or the process. They may not trust the experience or results will benefit them.

Once somebody’s used you for years and experienced everything you do, it is so much easier to sell services to them. The reason being that they trust you. They’ve experienced what you have to offer and who you are. Trust is the hardest thing to build in the initial process. It’s one of the reasons why calling existing customers to let them know of your other services is so impactful.

I’m huge fan of finding out what people think. Next time you have the opportunity, ask a group of people these questions. What would make you unhappy with our service? What would disappoint you? What issues have you had with contractors in the past? All of these questions allow somebody to tell you their problems. Remember: we need to know the problems to engineer the solutions.


The problems are more important initially than trying to create solutions!


People are not going to want to tell you specific things about you; they’re non-confrontational. But, ask them about other contractors. They’ll be more than happy to tell you about the bad things that have happened to them before. For example, that contractor who didn’t give them a great experience?They’ll tell you. In fact, it will tell you a lot. Learn from that contractor’s mistakes. Learn how to tackle the issue before it becomes a problem. Learn what the problem is to create the perfect solution. Build trust, and in turn, build your company.




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