Window cleaning may be one of the last industries where this sentiment may be true. “Take a small amount of money and increase that investment by ten.” 

I think a famous quote states, “Drop me in any city with my squeegee, and by that evening, I’ll have enough money for dinner and a hotel room.” Most likely, that is not exactly how it was worded, but you get the idea. Making a small investment in window cleaning can easily double or triple your income with just a squeegee, a mop, and a bucket. A one hundred dollar investment can easily turn into one thousand dollars in a very short amount of time.


“Invest one hundred dollars in some hand tools, and you’re on your way.”

Credit: Carpenter Cleaning


Start slowly. Do some small jobs to get your feet wet, and then reinvest the money earned into your business. Before you know it, that one hundred dollars has turned into one thousand. Times have changed so much that there aren’t many other industries where a small investment can transform into something that will provide for a family, put children through college, and set you up for retirement.

Window cleaning can also be something you take up in retirement. There are a lot of people who retire and clean windows. I know two retired people in my area who took a little bit of money and invested it into some business cards and hand tools, and now clean storefronts in their spare time. If you’ve been lucky enough, yes, I said lucky enough, to stumble upon this small industry, you too can take that small investment and turn it into something bigger. Nowhere is it more possible than window cleaning.


One hundred dollars in advertising your existing business can quickly turn into one thousand dollars in sales.


Whether in business cards and/or door hangers, that small investment can easily turn into a  thousand dollars overnight in some cases; you never know. There is no sure thing when it comes to advertising your business. You could spend one hundred dollars on Facebook advertising and land a few residential jobs or grab the attention of an HOA. From there, work begins rolling in. I can’t stress enough the capabilities of a motivated person in this industry and what a small amount of money can turn into.


The possibilities are endless, and so are the opportunities.


One hundred dollars spent on a piece of equipment could also easily turn into a thousand dollars, saving you time on the glass, making you more efficient, and getting you to the next opportunity faster. Whether it be a new brush for your water-fed pole or an extension pole for your storefront work. With some examination of your process and how to streamline it, one hundred dollars could easily make you a thousand dollars. “ Hey, what can make this job faster for me the next time with just a small investment?” If I purchase a 22” channel and do this job the next time, I will be done twice as fast and on to the next job. Just a little thought and a small investment, and you’re on your way to that one thousand dollars.  

The possibilities are endless in window cleaning when wanting to take a small investment and make a large profit. All it takes is a little cash and some examination, and you can take one hundred dollars and turn it into one thousand dollars. In my years of cleaning glass, I have done this. Several times over, whether with a piece of equipment, a few dollars in advertising, or my initial window cleaning investment, this business has helped me provide a life for my family and build a company I can leave for future generations. Window cleaning may be one of the last ways to turn one hundred dollars into one thousand dollars.


Increase Your investment By Ten!

-By T-Squeegee