I am a window cleaner from the Northwest Indiana region since around 2000, and my wife joined the fun about 8 years ago. I’ve been lucky to have experienced almost everything in our industry, from storefronts to high-rises. My wife started working with me at our old job when neither of us thought we’d start our own company. We started up as soon as we decided we were ready to try, in the summer of 2019. Had we known what would happen in the world a few short months later, we would likely have chickened out. Heading into what is our 3rd spring, I’m glad we took the chance!

We focus on residential service and have gained a reputation that attracts high-end clients. We operate from a home office with our vehicle and equipment taking over the garage. No employees yet, and we’ll keep it that way for as long as possible. With two experienced industry veterans on each job, we’ve never felt overwhelmed by our workload, even as demand increases. We plan to enjoy being self-employed for a couple more years, then begin to scale. We’re just having too much fun to hire right now!

I can’t imagine another line of work. Not only was I fortunate to find a trade I enjoy, but I also found one in which I can excel. I found this job and a great mentor at 18, and both pulled me from the path I was on, which likely saved my life. My wife is arguably less passionate about window cleaning than I am, but she enjoys it well enough, and we both enjoy working together. Our clients react to the husband and wife team by either remarking how adorable it is or how they’d never be able to work with their spouse. But we’ve known each other for much longer than your average couple, we were middle school sweethearts. We parted ways after school and didn’t see each other for about 8 years until I was collecting on a storefront I had just cleaned… and she was the cashier. So, window cleaning has been a factor in our relationship since the beginning!