Entering the world of window cleaning can be an exciting journey. Investing in equipment can be a daunting task.


There are many variables to consider when looking at what equipment will suit your business. A key variable is whether it meets our current needs and grows with our current business model. To decide where to begin, we look to where we currently are and where we want to be.

“When I first started cleaning windows, my first squeegees were Ettore brass channels in 18-inch, 12-inch, and 10-inch, and a small 6-inch channel for sills. The weight of the brass was good to start out learning with, but I eventually started looking at the other squeegees available to see what would best suit my needs. As I progressed in window cleaning, I noticed small things that could make my job easier and eventually tried the Wagtail Orbital Squeegee. The pivoting ability of the handle is nice for me as a shorter female because it gives me that extra bit of reach that I sometimes need without using a small pole. By learning and realizing my needs, I was able to find products to fit those needs and make me more efficient at my job.” 

When investing in equipment, we analyze what we currently have, our needs, and how our tools can make us the most efficient at the job while also combating the wear and tear on the body. When we look at the water filtration systems, for example, consideration needs to be taken for the region where we live, how many people will be using the system at one time, and how frequently the system will be used. Another consideration is how you plan to grow and expand with the system. TDS is a significant factor with water filtration window cleaning; thanks to the free Water Quality Test on windowcleaner.com, it is easy to put in your state and zip codes of the areas you work in to see the average TDS is. This helps us decide if a single-stage setup would work for our region or if we need a multi-stage system. The free Water Quality Test also shows the estimated cost of running a single-stage and multi-stage system with your TDS.

Another variable to think about when investing in water-fed technology is how High you will need to reach. There are a plethora of different poles and water filtration systems on the market, and it can be overwhelming to figure out what is necessary if you’ve never used the technology before. WCR has an incredible amount of free information on the site and an experienced sales staff to assist with any questions and help you get into the tools that will be best for your current and future needs.

When investing in water filtration, it is essential to consider all factors and variables to maximize your efficiency and get the most out of your system.


Investing in tools and equipment is an integral part of running a successful window cleaning business, but we also need to invest in the most necessary equipment… our bodies. We look for tools and equipment to make our jobs easier and take some of the strain off our physical beings, but we also need to focus on investing in ourselves. Keeping the physical being strong only helps our tools help us even more. Window cleaning is an incredibly laborious profession. Investments in proper nutrition, hydration, stretching, massage, and strength training are all tools to use in addition to our actual equipment. 


Sometimes the equipment investment can help our bodies recover from the work that we do. 


An example of the equipment we have invested in for ourselves is a Hypervolt, a percussion massage gun to relieve muscle pain, tension, and soreness. After a long day of water-fed cleaning, coming home and loosening up those tight shoulder muscles is amazing and helps combat fatigue so we can go out the next day and get more work done without the slow down of such sore or tired muscles. Nutrition and hydration are vital to invest in because the proper nutrients and hydration help to keep energy levels up and ultimately help us be more effective. In the heat of the summer, we make sure to keep electrolyte packets with us and plenty of extra liquids to be able to replenish as needed. Keeping our bodies fueled and appropriately hydrated is essential to maximizing performance. 

Ultimately, the key points are investing in equipment, assessing your current business model, where you want to grow to, and understanding the technology. If you’re unsure where to start, utilize the free resources on windowcleaner.com, check out the Pro Window Cleaning group, ask questions, and check out some youtube videos. Education and understanding are essential to make sure you’re making the best decision for your business and future.

-By Craig Hendzel & Grace Gerengher