5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Customer Service

Hey everyone. Jim DuBois here again with another article to get you thinking…. about YOUR CUSTOMERS and how to improve your customer service.

You can’t run a window cleaning or pressure washing service without customers. But once you’ve got them, you’ve also got to take care of them—or you might lose them.

It’s easy to get caught up in the process of generating leads and getting people to buy your services. But once you get customers, if you take great care of them, you’ll not only keep those customers, but you’ll generate more leads, take on even more customers, and make more money.

I like to look at Customer Service like this…

There’s the Holiday Inn and then there’s the Ritz Carlton. They both do exactly the same thing – lodging. But one does it so much better than the other. Would you agree? See, doing a great job on the customers windows or house wash is only a small part of superior customer service.

What I’m talking about is a World Class experience. My company strives to serve at The Ritz Carlton level, separating ourselves from ALL of my competition. We have 18 elements that do this. 

When you think about it, most of our competitors operate at the Holiday Inn level or even at a MOTEL 6 level!! Is this you?

Your Mission: Create a perception as the absolute best.

What I’m talking about here is an experience. Read that again. A before, during, and after experience that takes customer service to a whole new level. When you start putting these components into play, you begin to transform your company above the rest. But two more things come into play…

1) your referrals will skyrocket

2) you can raise your prices because of the “service” you are delivering.

And …

3) with higher prices, you can pay your employees more and slow down your revolving door of people coming and going.

Does this make sense?

Your Exercise:

Start building this “experience” into your company to serve your customers at the highest level. What can you work on to raise the bar in your company like the Ritz Carlton does?

So, let’s fast forward your business one year from now. Can you see yourself with a larger customer base, a larger portfolio of services, and a great team of employees? 

Can you imagine your business being more profitable than it is now? Can you see yourself having the freedom you don’t have at the moment? 

Customer service is one of the keys to all of these things.

Maybe it’s time for an assessment. If you see some lacking areas, it’s not difficult to make a few adjustments and improve customer service. Try some of these strategies.

  1. Put a friendly face on your business.

We as service business owners rely on getting the phone to ring. Even if you only make appointments online or over the phone, you don’t have to be impersonal. Put an address on your website so people will know you’re local. Have a live person answering the phone. When you meet with customers in person, always smile and greet them. Don’t be afraid to get to know them in person, over the phone, or through social media interactions.

  1. Make yourself available and approachable.

You can set yourself apart by showing personalized care. Make sure whoever takes phone calls is experienced with scheduling. Let anyone who talks to customers listen to their needs and decide how best to help them. Use mystery shoppers to check on your team’s phone etiquette—mystery shoppers can make sure anyone who answers the phone at your business sticks to the script or bullet points you’ve provided them.

  1. Be an expert.

Make sure your customers know how well you know your business. Show enthusiasm about the work you do when you talk to customers about how you can help them. Be willing to admit if you don’t know the answer to a question but offer to do some research.

  1. Offer specials.

Build loyalty to your company by offering packages with discounted services. Occasionally hold promotions. Team up with another company that offers a different service and offer a combo deal at a special rate. People love to feel like they’re getting a good deal, and they’ll be more likely to use your service the first time, and then again, if they feel like they’ve scored a bargain.

  1. Reward your employees.

These are the guys helping bring work into the company and keep customers satisfied, so keep them satisfied too. Let them figure out the best way to help a customer—you’re sure to see them exceed your expectations. When they go above and beyond, reward them with a small gift or award.

Great customer service does a couple of things: It helps you retain your existing customer base. It also helps drive more traffic to your business, through word of mouth and social media. Make it count!


Author: Jim Dubois