The internet is a wild place. Where else can you lose your entire net worth to a Kenyan prince in the morning but win it all back by selling an NFT of a cat riding a Pop-Tart in the evening? We have the entirety of humanity’s history and knowledge at our fingertips, right next to all the videos that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the earth is a stale croissant.


The point is, the internet is only getting crazier, and it’s not going away any time soon. So, of course, you want your business mixed into all that madness!


But when you’re first starting, figuring out how to make your company stand out in the myriad of cat videos and makeup tutorials can be tough. And if you’re not careful, you can quickly waste a lot of money on ineffective marketing, no matter if it’s a Google Ads campaign or a big push on social media.

Full disclosure, I’m not an online marketing guru. I’m just a self-employed window cleaner who didn’t have the resources to hire someone to manage my marketing for me. I started with Google Ads right out of the gate. And I struggled to gain traction. I have two major franchises in my area, and it’s easy to be drowned out trying to outspend them both in a pay-per-click campaign. I tried my hand with Facebook. I started to see results here, but even as I began to get more of a feel with what kind of posts worked on social media, I knew it wasn’t the gamechanger I was looking for.


I think you’ll want to hear what my gamechanger was, but first, here’s a brief rundown of some of the things I’ve learned and observed while gaining traction with online marketing:

Credit: Joe Jakoby

A simple before and after picture set up like a meme with branding and a call to action works well. I also use slideshows with the same information but keep the length to no more than thirty seconds. Your boosted post or targeted ads won’t do any good if it’s being shown to sixteen-year-old kids or to the guy that’s a member of twelve different DIY groups. Make sure your posts are set up to reach the right age group, area, and income level. Most of my sales through these ads have been made on Messenger, and the “get more messages” option has typically been more effective than the “get more calls” option. Make full use of your Facebook and Google My Business pages. Attract audiences to these pages, join some neighborhood Facebook groups, and post at least once a day. Make a few memes or share some through your business page, get people to share your page with their friends. Using these observations and some trial and error, I started to gain some traction and, more importantly, some customers. 


But the best piece of advice I’ve received so far is this: 


Get yourself Google Guaranteed! There are some hoops to jump through, including a background check providing proof of insurance, and they’ll want at least three reviews on your Google My Business page, but once you’re set up, you’ll see an increase in phone calls almost immediately. Currently, there are only two companies in my area: Google Guaranteed, and we stand out from the rest because of it. Companies who are part of the Google Guaranteed program will be listed together at the top of the search results, and clients will have the option to call or message you directly from your listing with one click. These listings are separate from any Google Ads campaign you may have running, so depending on how aggressive you want to be, you can run both simultaneously. The Google Local Services app is a fantastic tool, allowing you to track all calls and messages and reply directly through the app. You’ll have an easy time tracking the campaign’s results.

All in all, online marketing can be a useful weapon in your arsenal and worth pursuing. Hiring a professional is always a great idea, but even a layperson with a modest budget can make a dent in their market because the internet is a wild place. If done well, your marketing can reach Kardashian levels of fame for your brand. But tread carefully, or you may find yourself reaching Kardashian levels of infamy for your brand. Whatever marketing options you pursue, we’re rooting for you!


Anthony Padlo

Wonder Window Cleaners 


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