Your business is what you want it to be.  This may be a simple way to think about business, but it’s true. Your business is what you WANT it to be.  You dictate that.  But if that is true, then so is the fact that you also get to choose what it’s not.  The crazy thing is that so many of us don’t decide.  We just ride the wave and let the winds take us.  We let the market tell us the prices, and we guess what people think we are, and that’s what we push for.

Deciding your business is HUGE. If you want to be a family company, BE a family company. If you want to be the most professional option, BE that. Your mindset is who you are. Once you know you can create your USP, this is HOW you advertise. 

But mindset can be valuable in another way too.  Your mindset can also stop you from being what you want.  Most window cleaning companies out there think they are necessary, and like the price of insulin, they shouldn’t be more than XYZ.  Companies that think that are shooting themselves in the foot.  The simple fact is that we aren’t a necessity.  We are a LUXURY.  A luxury buyer is a different buyer. They’re looking for something different out of the transaction.  They are worried about other things.  They EXPECT different things.  Selling a Ferrari to someone like they buy groceries isn’t going to work.

Ferrari OR any LUXURY brand (Rolex, Lamborghini, etc.) doesn’t sell like someone is looking for the best deal.  If you want a new Ferrari, you have one option.  It’s buying it from Ferrari.  What’s crazy is that luxury brands don’t EVER talk about price.  They just don’t.  They sell the experience.  They sell OWNING a Ferrari.  They sell as a luxury because that is what it is.  Have you ever seen a Lamborghini presidents day sale?  Nope.  They sell the feeling of the leather trim, the SOUND of the car, and the prestige of owning one.  THAT is what you are buying.  And because of that, they don’t apologize for the price.  They don’t have sales to help people get one.  They say, when you are ready, we’re here.  That is what luxury is.  They know who they are.

Want to know an interesting fact?  Almost all Lamborghini dealers can’t afford a new Lamborghini. The people telling you all about the experience DON’T GET THE EXPERIENCE.  But they know what the experience is and what they are selling.  The crazy part is that it’s like this with window cleaning.  Well, it is for me, at least.  I’m not my target market.  You aren’t your target market.  If you didn’t own a company, you wouldn’t buy your services more than likely.  So why are we letting our brains tell us what is right or wrong? We aren’t our target market.  That’s like Lamborghini going to a bunch of blue-collar workers and asking, “how can we make our company better?” Their answers would drive the company into the ground.  They would recommend an economy version.  Maybe a cheap version.  They are looking for something other than the ACTUAL target market. 

Now, look at your company.  Why are you not charging a bit more?  Why are you not doing 2% above inflation price increases each year?  Why are you selling with coupons?  Why are you thinking that the low baller in your area is taking work from you?  They aren’t.  You just aren’t selling yourself as a luxury.  CHANGE your mindset. Change how you think of your business.  I’m not saying don’t discount or do coupons, but you don’t need to.  You are a luxury.  Once you know that, you’ll change your whole mindset.  Change your mindset and change everything about your company.