It’s an exciting time as we approach the Spring season. Hi, it’s Jim DuBois with, with another article designed to move the needle in your business a little bit more.

This month, we’re talking about creating a solid business foundation to secure growth. We will be counting down 9 important lessons I have learned in my business over the years:

1.) Fear is healthy – paralysis is not.

A lot of people are scared of a recession right now, and being scared is normal. But you can’t let fear paralyze you or trick you into making decisions for your business based on emotion instead of logic! Even when it’s hard, you must keep moving forward and making moves that draw on your personal experience. Don’t let fear win.

2.) To succeed, take “boredom” out of your vocabulary.

I realized a long time ago that to kill it in business, regardless of the economy, you have to be willing to do the same thing over and over again to build, build, build your window cleaning business. If what you are doing is working, master the art of rinse and repeat. For example: when building my storefront division, I had a simple goal of picking up $500 per month in new stores. I never stopped – for months and years, eventually topping out at 2,000 storefronts. Then we brought in salespeople to carry it forward. I did the same with residential. I found marketing mediums that worked and never stopped marketing while hiring to keep up with the demand for growth. I think this is the number one reason my company Squeegee Pros has been so successful – doing the same thing repeatedly.

3.) You need to gather customer data.

I’m talking about names, addresses, email addresses, cell phone numbers, which products and services they expressed interest in, how they heard about you, and KEEP this information even if you gave an estimate and never got the job.

4.) When it comes to marketing, diversity is king.

This one is not rocket science, but it’s true. To market successfully, you have to spread your message over as many platforms as possible and use those platforms to bring your audience in-house. For example, if all you do is Facebook, and it changes their algorithms or bans you – YOU ARE DONE!

5.) Plug all your data into a customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Remember when I told you to gather customer data? Once you’ve done that, put it into a CRM system that fits your budget. Don’t let me catch you using a Microsoft excel spreadsheet to manage your CRM in 2023!

6.) If you have a sloppy sales funnel, you’ll lose your leads.

If it takes your team 3 days to get back to a lead and/or they only follow up once, your sales funnel needs an overhaul. Run every lead you get through a tight sales funnel, and ensure your team is chasing down every dollar available. And while we are at it…

7.) Build a never-ending sales funnel.

You can’t let your leads dis-engage or drop off the map. If they don’t bite by the end of the initial sales cycle, you need to shift them into a new sales cycle when that one is done (email/text drip). Then do it again and again (on-going email blasts until they hit on an offer (or service) that excites them. Don’t bet the farm on one offer and then give up – not everyone wants the same thing.

8.) To customers >> consistency = stability.

Want to show your database of customers you’re not struggling in the middle of an unstable economy? Reach out to them consistently and frequently. This will keep your window cleaning company top of mind and give the impression your company is stable, successful, and thriving.

9.) Ask for help when things get tough.

If you find yourself struggling and running your window cleaning business feels difficult, get help from someone who knows what they’re talking about. In the end, whether it’s inflation, recession, or just plain ole lack of business acumen – some people can take you to the next level.