As we head into the Spring season, you may ask yourself, “Can I handle more business?” As we get through the April showers, the calls and emails begin to funnel in, which can be exciting and daunting. The best way to establish if you can handle more work is to compare your last year’s schedule to the previous year’s. If you want to get detailed, you can compare the last few years to analyze your growth, your busy months, and where you were slow and would like to fill in. Also, consider recurring clients and how frequently they have services done. Once you’ve looked at your past workflow and analyzed where you would like to increase business, where you can increase business, and where you’d like to have your break periods, you can get to work. Part of this analysis is factoring in how many employees you have and what the strengths and weaknesses of your workers are, or if you’re solo, you have to analyze your strengths and weaknesses so that you can flow the most efficiently. For example, I work alongside my step-dad Craig as a two-person team. For our business, we have developed a flow that works with our own strengths and weaknesses to work better together. Part of these strengths and weaknesses is looking at our current equipment and tools. Are these helping us be more efficient and/or helping to take some strain off our physical being?

Once you have identified where you can and would like to take on more business, you can decide how to proceed. For our business, we do not advertise other than the signage on our trucks. Word of mouth is how we obtain the majority of new clients. If you advertise, analyze what will get you the best return on your advertising investment. A great resource for advertising is the Window Cleaning Resource Print Department. Jill and Steve are incredibly knowledgeable and amazing at putting together new business cards, mailers, and much more to help your business grow to that next level. Part of growing your business is ensuring you have a cohesive look; Jill & Steve can also help with that! Let your image be your advertising. As much as we like to think that image shouldn’t matter and you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, when you’re in business, the image does matter because people will judge based on looks. Looking cohesive and professional will act as its own advertising and help grow your business.